PUBG Gives Update On Anti-Cheat Measures

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Making the game more secure.
Making the game more secure. PUBG

Cheating continues to be an issue faced by many games and PUBG is no exception. This is why the team has been doing what it can to put anti-cheat measures in place. The release of update 7.2 was meant to be the introduction of Ranked Mode to the game. This meant that anti-cheat measures have become doubly important.

Back in April, PUBG improved some of the anti-cheat measures it had in place and added a two-factor authentication system. This feature was added because it was found out that some of the support tickets received were related to accounts that received a permanent ban after their Steam account was hacked and then had cheat programs used. As it turns out, this measure didn’t have the impact that the developers expected.

PUBG revealed in a post that when it comes to ranked games, reliability of the service is very important. To ensure this, anti-cheat safeguards are not only going to be added, but the ban intensity is also going to be increased. These are the measures to be put in place:

  • Preliminary Measures
    • When players use cheats in a match, the game immediately utilizes countermeasures in order to minimize the impact that is had on legitimate players.
    • The game is going to be improved to immediately ban the kicked user.
    • If the cheat is easy for the game logic to recognize, the cheater is going to be kicked in real time.
  • Post Measures
    • There are cheaters that use more sophisticate measures to go around the system so additional measures need to be reinforced.
    • PUBG revealed that it had analyzed the patterns of players who have been using unfair means to increase their rank and added logic in order to detect the cheat quickly and ban the perpetrators automatically.
    • The game is putting in more people to monitor the Leaderboard and ban players who climb the leaderboard by cheating.
    • Top ranked players are going to be monitored constantly to ensure that cheaters not stay on the leaderboard for long.
    • Players who receive bans are no longer listed on the Leaderboard.
    • Monitoring of any users in double are going to be expanded.
    • There are already plans to introduce a greater number of hardware bans by enhancing the hardware ban system.
    • A mobile authenticator is set to be added later this year.

So what do you think? Are these anti-cheat measures enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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