PUBG Testing Thermal Scope at LABS

Take a shot in the dark.
Take a shot in the dark. PUBG

Looks like PUBG is starting out strong this year with the testing of a new feature. Over at LABS, the dev team is experimenting with the new attachment Thermal Scope. The game is also bringing back a special weather setting just to be able to show it off.

If you’re interested, don’t take too long to decide. The test already started on January 7 and will run through until January 11.

Compared to the usual telescopic sights, the Thermal Scope can detect infrared rays emitted by objects, thus giving better visuals. With this attachment, players should detect enemies in the dark, covered by smoke, or even hidden in bushes. The Thermal Scope is also going to be a world-spawn loot.

Here are the other details that players need to keep in mind when playing in LABS:

  • Vikendi – Moonlight.
  • BR Rules of the existing world are going to be applied.
  • FPP or TPP, Squad mode.
  • 1-man Squad mode is also available.
  • Maximum number of players: 100.
  • If a session lacks players after a certain amount of time, it starts to fill the remaining slots with bots.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that LABS doesn't give out BP or XP for gameplay rewards. LABS gameplays also don't apply to Career and don't count to Survivor Pass missions.


It was in 2019 when PUBG first announced this game feature. The goal was to test some new game modes, rule sets, and even features. Meaning, this was where experimental in-game features are introduced first. Feedback is then collected and a determination is made if the feature will be permanently added to the game. However, LABS won’t be replacing the Test Server, which remains the official way to test content updates.

Since the introduction, there have been some features tested. There’s the Skill Based Rating that was actually the first project tested. Then, there's the Ranked Ruleset that hoped to amplify the competition between players. Read more about the Ranked Ruleset here. Another was the Motor Glider, a vehicle that was eventually added to the game officially a month later.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out this new attachment.

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