PUBG Labs: Get A Chance To Test New Game Features Before Release

First project is the Skill Based Ratings.
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A new way to test new features.
A new way to test new features. PUBG

PUBG revealed that it is giving players a way to test new game modes, new rule sets, and even new features. Dubbed PUBG Labs, this offers players a way to test things outside of the usual testing environment. However, this feature won't be replacing the Test Server, which is the way to test normal content updates.

What this means is that PUBG Labs is a space where experimental in-game features are going to be introduced. Feedback is then collected in order for the development team to perfect them before making them permanent game additions. PUBG Labs can be found in the menu under the Play Button. It's going to be updated continuously with new content like play modes, rule sets, and possibly even new vistas.

Skill Based Ratings

The first project to be tested in PUBG Labs is Skill Based Ratings. PUBG has a Survival Title System that is more passive and measures time invested instead of individual skill. However, this Lab experiment focuses on factors that allow players to rank up and down.

Since this is something that isn't good for everyone, the system has an "opt-in" option. Thus, unless a player agrees to opt-in, they're not going to be tracked or earn a rating.

For those who opt-in, they're going to be tracked and assigned an initial rating after five placement matches. Players get placed in one of six tiers, which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Each tier comes with Rating Points (RP) associated with it.

After each match, the system tracks:

  • Placement
    • RP gained or lost is based on placement. If a player is in a squad, only the personal position is analyzed and not the final position in the squad.
  • Kills
    • This is the number of kills of enemy players during the match.
  • Enemy
    • A player's rating is compared to the enemy's rating and adjusted accordingly.

PUBG Labs is included in the upcoming Update 5.2, which will launch for the PC on November 20 and for consoles on November 26.

The upcoming PUBG Labs experiment is set to arrive to the PC on November 26 and will end on January 1. For the consoles it's scheduled to begin on November 26, and ends on January 6. Once the Skills Based Rating test ends, all players who took part can share their feedback through an in-game survey. The feedback period for PC is January 2 until January 9 with feedback for console players running from January 7 until January 14.

That said, do you think you have what it takes?

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