PUBG 2023 Roadmap: New Map Codenamed "Neon" in the Works

Changes coming to map rotation.
Are you ready for a new map?
Are you ready for a new map? Krafton

The 2023 Roadmap for PUBG: Battlegrounds is out and one of the new things being worked on is a new map, codenamed "Neon." It's said to be inspired by one of the world's most unique places where modern elements are combined with traditional ones.

The development team shared in a post that this map is so far one of the biggest challenges they've faced. However, they're confident it's going to be worth it. As a sneak peak, the team revealed that this new map will feature multiplate areas ranging from a modern city full of gleaming skyscrapers to a rural area offering a traditional vibe.

Players can also look forward to multiple transportation options covering ground, water, and air. Then, there's the new gameplay system as well which the team teased could change the way how the game is played.

Update on Maps

In addition to a new map, there's a plan to increase the scale of updates for existing maps. Erangel and Miramar, for example, are not only going to get larger improvements but also new spots added. The team assured everyone that despite the changes, the core concepts of these maps will be maintained. The updates are set for release sometime later this year.

Map Rotation for Ranked

This year, the map rotation system will now be applied to Ranked. A total of four maps are set to rotate every two months over one season. Compared to how it works in Normal, maps are gradually introduced one by one starting with low probability. For now, the fixed maps are Erangel, Miramar, and Taego.

Shorter Map Rotation Cycle

The map rotation for Normal Match is receiving adjustments too. Players raised the issue that a one-month cycle was too long, especially for those who wanted maps that weren't included in the rotation. The team had found out that waiting too long for a particular map to be available resulted in a decreased interest in the game. The rotation cycle is therefore going to be short so players can play their favorite maps more frequently. Five maps will be available in the shorter rotation cycle after the April update.

In addition to maps, there are also planned changes for different modes, particularly in Normal Match and Ranked. You can check out what’s being planned for other features as well.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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