PUBG 2023 Roadmap: Normal Match Getting a New Revive System

Expect to see changes to spawn rates for items and tactical gear.
A new way to play.
A new way to play. Krafton

This year marks the sixth year of PUBG: Battlegrounds. That said, a lot of things are being planned for this year with the main focus including the Normal Match. Changes revealed will affect many of its aspects such as spawn rates of items and vehicles and the addition of a new revive system.

In a post, the development team revealed that the new revive system is unique and different from Comeback BR. Introduced back in Update 12.2, Comeback BR is basically a second-chance mechanic that gives players another chance to stay in the fight. While the Comeback BR offers a chance of success for dead players, the new system being worked on focuses on surviving players. This is because surviving players are the ones that have a chance to revive their dead teammates.

One reason cited by the team is that they hope to ease the frustration and burden of dying especially after a long farming time. It's also seen as useful for new players who find it rather difficult to engage in fights in Comeback BR.

Once the new system is ready, it's going to be first applied to eight-kilometer maps that don't have Comeback BR.

Spawn Rate

The dev team shared their observations that when the item spawn rate in a particular game is low, a lot of players tend to spend their time farming. This often results in bigger letdowns when dying.

To address this issue, the item spawn rates are increased while the overall balance of the Blue Zone is adjusted. This should lower the tedious early phase and eventually shorten the total playtime which should increase the pace. The team assured everyone that the upcoming changes will be done in a manner that won't compromise the game’s identity.

Tactical Gear

According to the dev team, the use of tactical gear has led to different strategic plays. However, most players prioritize weapons over tactical gear since there's always the risk of using the primary weapon slot. While they didn't really reveal what the change is, the improvement is based on community feedback. Hopefully, we’ll get specifics in the coming days.

Normal Match isn’t the only one getting improvements because there are many for Ranked as well. There’s also a new map in development and a lot of cool stuff for the future.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS

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