PUBG 2023 Roadmap: Arcade Revamp is Back on Track

Clan system expected to be added sometime in the middle of this year.
Work is back on track.
Work is back on track. Krafton

The 2023 Roadmap for PUBG: Battlegrounds revealed a lot of changes coming to in-game content. A new revive system will be introduced in Normal Match, and a new map is being worked on along with the plan to add new maps to the map rotation for Ranked.

Besides those, there are also plans in place for PUBG’s out-game experience. One is the ongoing revamp for Arcade. Two is the scheduled release of the Clan system this year.

Arcade Revamp is Back

Let's start with the Arcade revamp plan, which was mentioned during the 2022 roadmap. Not much was heard about it last year but it is now a mid-year goal for this year.

The development team revealed in a post that it became a challenge to fully execute the revamp for Arcade due to several updates happening at the same time. The team admitted that there is indeed a lack of diverse content in Arcade since it only services Team Deathmatch mode for now.

The good news is that different LABS modes will be incorporated to Arcade on a long-term or permanent basis. This should give players an environment where they can choose what mode they want to play. There's also a plan applying a reward system for mode play where players can earn points and exchange them for items.

Clan System

Another feature arriving sometime later this year is the Clan system, a long-requested feature not just by the community but even internally. The initial Clan system is planned to bring in existing Clans from external sources to the out-game. This should offer Clan members a greater sense of belonging and achievement.

The core elements of the initial Clan system are the Clan tags and Clan plates. The Clan tag and plate are displayed in different areas like in-game, PUBG ID, and more. The dev team reminded players that while the first release won't have many features, they plan to actively improve it based on player feedback.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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