PUBG: Battlegrounds Brings Back Zombie Survival 2.0 at Labs

The undead are back, again.
The undead are back, again. Krafton

The undead is making a return to PUBG: Battlegrounds through Labs. Zombie Survival 2.0 was first introduced to Labs in February 2022. This time, be prepared for even more hordes of zombies from February 14 to February 27 on PC. Console players will get their first-hand experience from February 22 to March 7.

Here are the basic rules:

  • Zombie Survival 10 stages where each lasts for three minutes.
  • To get to the next stage:
    • Kill every zombie or at least one teammate stays alive until the very end.
  • Once a stage is cleared, you and your squad get a 20-second break before moving on to the next stage.
    • Teammates who died in the previous stage respawn and continue to the next stage as well.
  • The game will end as a Zombie Dinner if the entire squad gets wiped out.

Here are the other details of Zombie Survival 2.0:

  • Zombies
    • Zombies spawn once a stage starts.
    • As you proceed along the stages, expect more and stronger zombies. There may even be special types of zombies.
    • The special zombies are:
      • Zombies throwing Molotov Cocktails.
      • Zombies throwing Blue Zone Grenades.
      • Zombies holding grenades in their mouths. Can only be killed by headshots.
      • Zombies with C4 attached to their bodies.
  • Survival Coins
    • Earn Survival Coins by taking down zombies.
    • The Survival Coins are stored in your inventory for a max of 999.
    • Players cannot drop Survival Coins.
    • Players who die and respawn for the next stage have the amount of Survival Coins they had before they died.
  • Equipment
    • The basic set of equipment each player starts with has:
      • Deagle
      • 60EA .45 ACP
      • Backpack (Level 3)
      • 1 Grenade
      • Anti-Zombie Table Leg
    • Purchase various tactical items through your inventory with Survival Coins.
    • Stronger weapons cost more Survival Coins.


Tactical items include:
  • Traps to temporarily stop zombies from moving.
  • Sticky Traps and Sticky Chemicals to temporarily slow down zombies.
  • Zombie Stun Grenades to stun zombies.
  • Healing Chemicals to heal you and your team.
  • Zombie C4, Can Bombs, Zombie Blue Zone Grenades, and Anti-Zombie Chemicals.


  • Scores are accumulated by taking down zombies.
  • You can check your current score anytime during the game by pressing the world map.
  • You and your teammates’ final scores are shown after the game.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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