Celebrate the Sixth Anniversary of PUBG: Battlegrounds with the New Message Event

Expect to see more changes for the report system against cheaters.
Time to start the anniversary celebrations.
Time to start the anniversary celebrations. Krafton

This year marks the sixth anniversary of PUBG: Battlegrounds. Who would have thought that when the game was first released in 2017 that it would become as big as it is now? In celebration of this milestone, there will be new content and new events coming.

The PUBG: Battlegrounds team revealed that they're inviting everyone to the Sixth Anniversary Message Event from March 8 to March 23. To join, follow these steps:

  • Go to the survey here.
  • Fill out the survey form.
  • Write a message to wish the game a happy sixth anniversary.
    • In addition to a congratulatory message, players can also include any questions, encouragement, or comments they've always wanted to ask the team.
  • Hit submit to complete the entry.

A total of 100 entries will be selected randomly and receive physical PUBG goodies. Winners are to be announced on April 7 with the rewards being:

  • PUBG 6th Anniversary Metal Poster.
  • PUBG 6th Anniversary Postcard.
  • PUBG 6th Anniversary Stickers.

Report System

In addition to the announcement of a new event, the team also shared through a post that changes are coming to the game's report system. In identifying and suspending cheaters, one of the resources used is the player reports. The problem is that cheaters are aware of this and are doing what they can to either avoid or lower the chances of getting reported. For example, it's been found out that cheaters have been abusing this system by either placing first or not getting kills on purpose.

It is for this reason that the PUBG community has long requested for an improvement so they can report a broader group of players. A change was introduced during the January 2023 update and was seen as the first step to improve the report system.

Future plans related to the Reporting System include adjusting the current report categories. This is to allow the team to respond to reports more accurately, especially when it comes to cheaters. An example is a report category for players who make advertisements or promotions through voice chat or those who group up with cheaters.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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