Propnight: Patch 1.1.0 Introduces New Castle Map

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The horror-survival game, Propnight, has received a new update that introduces the new Castle map. This map is likely in a historical setting due to its motif. You can look at a preview of the map below:

Aside from that, Patch 1.1.0 brought some improvements, one of which is the full support for gamepads. If you’ve shied away from playing Propnight due to its lack of controller support back then, maybe this implementation would change your mind.

For gameplay changes, a Survivor who breaks away from the Killer’s grasp would often now need a longer time to wiggle out when they’re caught again. This condition applies when they’re not being put in the Hypnochair. If the Survivor is placed in the Hypnochair, the parameter is reset.

In addition, the Propcoins that you gain after a match ends are now stored on the server and not on the client. This prevents the issue where your coins may disappear if you close the game.


  • Voice chat: Now a mic icon will appear above the players when they are using Voice chat
  • Controls: Full gamepad support was implemented
  • Customization: A window for code activation was added, and now all old codes will work via the Redeem code window. Also, Twitch Prime gift code owners can now redeem them
  • Props: Fixed props being able to move on their own or increase in size when using Alt+Tab
  • Fixed that the Game Results screen could get stuck for players if the Killer left the game during the intro
  • Banshee
    • Scream radius has been reduced to 10 meters
  • Igor
    • Fixed that Igor could still sometimes lose speed while using Charge
  • Impostor
    • Fixed Impostor becoming invisible if the Survivor they were disguised as dead
  • Fixed controls being blocked if a Survivor tried to use Camera on a Killer while they were putting another Survivor in Hypnochair
  • Fixed the Survivors being thrown out of the map if a Camera was used on the Killer who was carrying them
  • Fixed Survivors becoming invisible and invincible if they were saved right before they died
  • Fixed that sometimes Survivors were seen as Props
  • School: The space above the railing of the second floor in the gym has been fenced off
  • Propmachine: Fixed Propmachine's repair progress not halting upon a Survivor leaving the game while fixing a Propmachine
  • Hypnochair: Fixed the hotkey of putting a Survivor in the Hypnochair appearing through the wall
  • Hypnochair: Fixed the Hypnochair locks not being able to open or close sometimes

Propnight Patch 1.1.0 is now available on PC.

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