Propnight: Patch 1.0.17 Implements BattlEye Anti-Cheat System

Propnight Steam

To prevent cheaters from ruining the game, developers at Fntastic Games have released Patch 1.0.17 for Propnight to implement the BattlEye anti-cheat system.

For those who do not know, BattlEye is a popular anti-cheat system used by some popular titles, such as Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege. That said, while some people criticize its effectiveness in Rainbow Six Siege, for example, it still might be better compared to the game’s previous security mechanism, Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC).

EAC has a lot of issues of its own. For instance, some people have encountered a problem where the game would not launch at all. Others have also reported that some players were still able to use hacks even though EAC was in place. Hopefully, the shift to BattlEye would improve things somehow.

This update has brought various improvements as well. Some notable ones include voice commands for Killers and updated music playing on the radio on all maps, among other things.

Update Highlights

  • Removed the possibility of being pushed back while the Survivor was trying to wiggle out
  • Fixed that a Killer or a Survivor could get stuck after the Killer puts down the Survivor, or after the Survivor gets out of the Killer’s hands
  • Fixed that a Survivor could get stuck on a Killer’s shoulder, while the Killer’s ability to hit etc. would remain
  • Fixed the possibility of losing control over Killer if stunned multiple times
  • Now, in disguise, Impostor will be able to use voice commands of a Survivor they are disguised as
  • Fixed that if LMB and RMB were clicked at the same time while Impostor was disguised, he could appear to be stuck in one place while actually being able to move around
  • Fixed that Survivors could get stuck in the wall upon being knocked down if Shift was used
  • Fixed the possibility of becoming both a prop and a Survivor if LMB and RMB were clicked at the same time while being in prop form
  • Fixed Items not being wasted if Survivor would use them and turn into a prop at the same time
  • House: now Killers spawn further away from Survivors
  • School: one of Killers’ spawn points was moved further away from Survivors’ spawn points
  • UI Match Timer: now, when the match timer reaches zero but Survivors continue repairing Propmachines, players will be notified of Overtime
  • UI Tab: players who left the Quick Play match are now shown in gray
  • UI MVP: fixed Survivor MVP having the Killer's nickname
  • UI Chat: message length limit has been added
  • Miscellaneous: fixed the possibility of a prop falling through the map if the window was minimized

Propnight Patch 1.0.17 is now available on PC.

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