Propnight: Patch 1.0.14 Features Ranked Games and More

Propnight Steam

Propnight is somewhat similar to Dead by Daylight in that it is a horror-survival game with killers and survivors. The main difference is that they can use whatever props are available, which includes horrifying costumes, among others.

That said, a new patch is ready for download that introduces ranked games. If you want to play the game competitively, now is the perfect time to do so.

Some adjustments have been added as well. In Quick Play, the Killers will no longer receive 15 propcoins upon victory. Instead, they’re awarded five propcoins for every Survivor they’ve killed. Five propcoins too for every Survivor who lost or left the game.

Moreover, those who leave the game early might want to complete games in Quick Play now as the ban for leaving is increased to two minutes. Not only that but getting out of the lobby stage will also result in a two-minute ban.

Another notable adjustment is that all Props now have a maximum health of 100.

Patch Highlights

  • Now, when Survivors reach the stage of opening the exit doors, the maximum time of the round timer is reduced to 2 minutes
  • Stun immunity time after being stunned has been increased to 3 seconds, and the Camera now also grants stun immunity
  • The time to level up Hunt has been reduced to 8 seconds
  • Fixed that when resuming an interrupted chase, the speed of the Hunt, which had already slowed down, did not rise to the current level of the Hunt
  • Blood Eye detection radius increased by 53%
  • Now you can hit after Blade Dance almost 2 times earlier
  • During Astral, you can no longer attack immediately, and Astral's movement speed is increased by 13%
  • Increased Prop cooldown to 7 seconds
  • Removed the hotkey for picking up a Survivor when Impostor uses Spy or Prop
  • Fixed that when transforming into some Survivor skins, Impostor had a different hair color
  • Fixed Chest staying highlighted after using Curse until the end of the match, and other similar Curse bugs
  • Now the last Survivor will open the door 1.5 times faster than usual
  • Fixed that it was possible to heal yourself and repair the Propmachine at the same time
Closable Doors
  • Added a 0.5-second cooldown when using a Closable Door
  • Fixed double doors shaking back and forth when closed

Propnight Patch 1.0.14 is now available on PC.

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