Propnight: Killers Now Have Improved Stun Immunity in Patch 5.0.0

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Propnight, the fun multiplayer horror survival game developed by Fntastic Games, has received its first major update of 2023. The company touts Patch 5.0.0 as a huge balancing update containing plenty of improvements and bug fixes to help enhance your gameplay.

Only one killer is playable in Propnight in a single match, so to keep things exciting, Fntastic Games has implemented some notable buffs to killers in Patch 5.0.0. One of the biggest changes in this update is that the killer’s base stun immunity is increased to 10 seconds. This means that survivors who have recently stunned a killer cannot stun them again after a short time. If you constantly relied on stunning a killer in Propnight before, you may have to revise your strategy to survive.

The Possum is one of the killers in the game who can create a copy of himself, thanks to his Doppelganger ability. That said, the duration of Doppelganger is increased, which gives him more time to swap places with his clone during a match.


  • New gameplay balance
  • Maps: Rebalanced Abbey, Farm, Egypt and School maps
  • Achievements: Added achievements for Michelle, Aisha, Shinigami and Clown
  • Fixed various input lag issues
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed that sometimes Killers and Survivors would become translucent
    • Reaction Checks are now more frequent and random
  • Sewer Manhole
    • Fixed that sometimes the Sewer Manhole closes by itself
  • Killers
    • Improved the mechanics of chasing Survivors
  • Impostor
    • Fixed that after attempting to repair the Propmachine while being disguised as a Survivor, the Impostor cannot attack players
  • Sheet-Man
    • Increased Hook hit radius
  • Survivors
    • Fixed that sometimes the Survivor cannot close the door while jumping
    • Significantly improved the responsiveness of turning into a prop
    • Changed perk “Like a Feather”
  • Chris
    • Fixed that Magnetic Glove ability would sometimes not stop working after the Silence event
    • Fixed that sometimes Chris gets stuck in textures and can't repair the Propmachine
  • Main Menu
    • Returned the old background of the main menu
  • User Interface
    • Fixed that voice messages sometimes disappear
    • Fixed that sometimes the UI of game controls was displayed incorrectly after changing the settings
  • Audio
    • Each Killer’s weapon now has a unique attack sound
    • Returned old music to the main menu
  • General
    • Audio and UI fixes and improvements
    • General Animation improvements
    • Сamera is centered

It is important to note that the company has temporarily removed the Circus, House, Camp, and Fanstasticville maps from the matchmaking pool. According to the Propnight dev team, they’re doing some changes to make these maps more fun and interesting.

Propnight Patch 5.0.0 is available on PC.

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