Propnight: Patch 4.5.2 Adds New 21:9 Aspect Ratio for Ultrawide Monitors

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Are you using an ultrawide monitor to play Propnight? If so, you’ll be happy to know that the developers have added support for the 21:9 aspect ratio in Patch 4.5.2.

Ultrawide monitors are gaining popularity nowadays, especially with modern rigs powerful enough to handle the processing load. When compared to the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio, the 21:9 aspect ratio offers users more horizontal pixels and a wider field of view. So, if you're using an ultrawide display, head to the settings and change the aspect ratio as soon as you can.

In addition, Patch 4.5.2 implements a couple of balancing changes to certain killers in Propnight. First, Akasha’s teleport range is increased, allowing her to hone in on escaping survivors more easily. Second, Banshee’s overall mobility is improved because her Dash ability can now be performed twice in any direction.


  • Fixed that when the Killer leaves the game, the Survivors lose -30 RP
  • Fixed that MVP exp points were incorrectly awarded
  • Fixed that the sound and animation sometimes break when opening the Propbox
  • Fixed that the Banners and Characters lines are highlighted in Customization when there is no new content
  • Fixed that the character open window sometimes doesn’t close
  • Fixed that Props sometimes become transparent
  • Aisha
    • Added a notification sound for Survivors when Killer hits Aisha's Clone
  • Isaac
    • Fixed that Isaac was able to place Wooden Barricades on a Survivor sitting on a Hypnochair
    • Fixed that Wooden Barricades break the ragdoll
  • General
    • Fixed that sometimes Survivors were picked up twice from the Hypnochair
    • Fixed that sometimes it is possible to see another player's banner after completing a game
    • Fixed that sometimes the Survivor's body stays on the Hypnochair or the Killer’s shoulder despite being freed
    • Fixed that when two Survivors rescue another Survivor together from the Hypnochair, one of the Survivors could break the camera and lose controls
  • Fixed that some achievements are not working properly
  • Fixed that Maddy's Katana Blink doesn’t work on the bus in Camp
  • Fixed that it is possible to get stuck on the Circus map
  • Fixed that it is possible to leave the Farm map using Scarecrow Prop
  • Akasha
    • Fixed that Akasha is not able to teleport through the door
  • Granny
    • Fixed that sometimes the green effect animation of the “Poisoned Knife” and the poisoning effect did not work
  • Possum
    • Fixed that the “Prevent the Survivor being rescued from Hypnochair” challenge sometimes doesn’t count if Sticky Bomb is used
  • General
    • Fixed that sometimes Killer gets thrown off the map when trying to pick up a Survivor
    • Fixed that when resetting the Settings, the Survivors could be picked up by LMB

Propnight Patch 4.5.2 is available on PC.

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