Propnight: Game Now More Challenging in Patch 4.9.0

Patch 4.9.0
Patch 4.9.0 Steam

Developers of Propnight launched a new update to keep things interesting and challenging at the same time. Patch 4.9.0 implemented a lot of balancing changes with the goal of refining overall gameplay, making things as hectic as possible.

Propnight is a 1v4 multiplayer survival game where the killer tries their best to eliminate and prevent survivors from escaping. Survivors, on the other hand, must repair five of the seven Propmachines scattered all over the map for a chance to escape the stage.

In Patch 4.9.0, the time it takes to repair a single Propmachine is increased to 80 seconds. Because of this, survivors must work together to ensure that the killer won’t foil their plans of escape.

As if that’s not enough, the Sewer Manhole’s closing time is reduced to 35 seconds. This change gives killers more time to finish off the last survivor on the map.

While the above changes make things look grim for survivors, it’s not all bad. The stamina and health recovery of all survivors in Propnight have increased by 20%. The speed boost the survivors get when the killer hits them is also increased, allowing them to flee as quickly as possible.

Patch Notes

  • Gameplay: Door opening time increased to 25 seconds
  • Maps: Added more environmental items for more exciting experience
  • Killers: The duration of the Killer of Steel perk has been increased to 15 seconds
  • Killers: Hit damage reduced to 30
  • Shinigami: Flashback ability is now used in the first person view, the ability cannot be canceled after being activated, the animation of the ability has been extremely improved
  • Shinigami: Updated the voice over for some voice messages
  • Shinigami: Hour of Reckoning perk has been updated
  • Shinigami: Chaos perk has been updated
  • Clown: Whirl ability has been updated
  • Possum: Cooldown of Sticky Bomb increased to 10 seconds
  • Banshee: Dash increased by 30%
  • Witch: Witch Blade perk has been updated
  • Granny: Restraining Cut perk has been updated
  • Huntress: Teleport perk has been updated
  • Taiga: Added amazing hair physics
  • Gameplay: Fixed that Killer's silhouette would sometimes be visible to all Survivors if the Survivor he was carrying broke free of his grip
  • Gameplay: Fixed that Survivor can sometimes be thrown out of texture if the Killer is stunned while he is carrying Survivor
  • Killers: Fixed that accumulated level of Hunt did not reset when damaging the Survivors
  • Survivors: Fixed that after using the Medkit it was sometimes impossible to immediately throw away a Flare or Energy Drink
  • Shinigami: Fixed that after teleporting to his clone Shinigami could not hit the Survivor
  • Shinigami: Greatly optimized effects when using Shinigami abilities
  • Banshee: Fixed that sometimes there is no sound when doing a Dash
  • Banshee: Fixed animation when closing Sewer Manholes
  • Nurse: Fixed that sometimes the second Dash does not work
  • Kate: Fixed that Kate's Flashlight sometimes did not stun the Killer

So, what can you say about the recent changes in Propnight Patch 4.9.0?

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