Pokémon Go October 2019 Community Day - What You Need To Know

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Players are already gearing up for this month's Community Day.
Players are already gearing up for this month's Community Day. Niantic

Monthly events in Pokémon Go give players the chance to capture a rare Pokémon, but only for a limited time. Apart from introducing a new pocket monster, Niantic is also going to bring forth some varying bonuses that offer an additional incentive to join in.

For some players, there is no doubt that the most exciting part of the event is having the chance to catch a shiny variant of Trapinch. While it holds true that the Pokémon's shiny form will remain rare, it will be a lot easier to find and capture one during the Community Day event. As long as you have the persistence during the event, then there is no doubt that you will find a few.

If you have already participated in previous community days in Pokémon Go, then you already know that three-hour lures have become a staple of the events. And yes, the month of October will be the same as well. Plus, the other bonus that you will be getting is 3x catch XP. If you really want to make some significant changes and progress in your levels, then make sure to take advantage of this bonus. Of course, do not forget to catch as many pocket monsters as you can.

Going back to the featured Pokémon, Trapinch first made its way online following some rumors. Finally, Niantic has decided to make the Pokémon the headliner of this month’s community event. Mind you, this ground-type pocket monster is rarely seen in the hit mobile game.

Community days in Pokémon Go have become an excellent way for players to add stronger pocket monsters to their collection. It is also the perfect time to ramp up some levels and get the experience going. The 22nd community day will take place on October 12. It will start at 11 AM and finish at 2 PM local time, which is the same time and duration as last month's event.

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