Shiny Oddish Now Available In Pokémon Go

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Shiny Oddish is the newest Shiny Pokemon to be available in the game right now.
Shiny Oddish is the newest Shiny Pokemon to be available in the game right now. Niantic

Niantic is celebrating Pokémon Go's recent Safari Zone event in New Taipei City by introducing a new Shiny Pokémon. And yes, it is already available worldwide. This is the perfect time for players across the globe to have their first opportunity to encounter and even capture a Shiny Oddish.

The arrival of Shiny Oddish also suggests that this is another chance for players to obtain Shiny versions of the Pokémon’s evolved forms: Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom. Keep in mind, however, that these evolved forms will not appear in the wild no matter what you do. So if you want to add them to your collection, you just need to be lucky enough to capture a Shiny Oddish. From there, you can just start evolving it to get a Gloom, Vileplume, or Bellossom.

With the event, you can expect an increased rate in terms of Oddish spawns throughout the weekend to coincide with the Safari Zone event in Pokémon Go. This is without a doubt your perfect opportunity to find and obtain a Shiny variant. Players at the Safari Zone venue, meanwhile, will encounter increased spawns of Heracross, Unown, and other rare pocket monsters.

Interestingly, this is not necessarily the only event Niantic has introduced to Pokémon Go recently. That is because the studio has also brought back the Stardust Blast event. Basically, this event will allow you to acquire twice the normal amount of Stardust for catching Pokémon, as well as battling Team Rocket and even hatching eggs. Moreover, you will be able to receive at least 2,000 Stardust just for joining Raid Battles.

As for the next community day, which will take place this month, Niantic has already confirmed the date and it will be held on Saturday, October 12.

In related news, the studio recently revealed three new members of Team Rocket. Although there is no exact date yet, these members are going to find their way to the game very soon. All three of them are featured on Pokémon Go's newest loading screen alongside Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket. Meanwhile, the Legendary Giratina is back in Raid Battles and you have until October 17 to go up against it.

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