PlanetSide 2: Fortification Update Adds New Construction Objects

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PlanetSide 2 Fortification update is now available on PC. Aside from the base building rework, this major content patch added new construction objects as well. Let's go over some of the most notable ones, shall we?

New Buildings

The Command Center is a new structure in PlanetSide 2 that houses some vehicle pads, allowing you to purchase a vehicle. In addition, there's a handy equipment terminal inside the Command Center where you can change classes and loadouts when needed. Should you die on the battlefield, the Command Center also contains a secure spawn room where you can respawn safely.

Another new construction object worth mentioning in the Fortification update is the Mining Drill. When deployed, the Mining Drill can mine Cortium nearby, letting you use the said resource for sustaining a base or adding new defensive structures when needed.

Here are the other new buildings and cover pieces in this patch:

  • Recon Array: This object alerts the owner to the presence of nearby enemies and attackers and passively checks for enemies nearby, similar to a Recon Device. The Recon Array can be activated manually to provide detailed motion sensing for a duration.
  • Bulwark Walls (Thin/Wide variants): These heavy walls are built high to help hide structures behind them.
  • Module Dispenser: A module-only dispensary for placing near the areas you need it.
  • Infantry Tunnel: A covered tunnel for safe infantry passage.
  • Infantry Treestand: A compact, tall sniping perch for surveying the base below.
  • Infantry Awning: A covered overhang to hold back fire from enemy aircraft.
  • Secure Silo: Store additional cortium that you can lock for the use of you and your squad.
  • Rebirthing Center: A shielded spawn point with a built-in equipment terminal.
  • Vehicle Bridge: This bridge can span small gaps or smooth rough terrain, and is wide enough to allow a Colossus to cross.
  • Light Post: A light post to illuminate, and detect infiltrators who pass beneath it.
  • Blast Gate: A blast-wall styled checkpoint that allows infantry in and out, while blocking line of sight and protecting objects behind it.

Patch Notes

Reworks and Removals

  • Many of the one-way shields have been converted into two-way shields. Exceptions include the Skywall Shield, and shields that are specifically meant to allow spawning defenders to push out of their spawn room.
  • Pain Spires and turret automation have been removed, and Skywall Shields no longer EMP shields. These mechanics aren't fun to play around for attackers, and one of our goals is meant to encourage back and forth gameplay throughout construction bases.
  • The Orbital Strike Uplink has been converted into a larger building that can be played within and around, and Orbital Strikes on construction bases do significantly less damage than previously.
  • The Bunker no longer has such a large footprint, and has a more accessible roof.
  • "Anti-Vehicle" Melee Weapons no longer damage construction objects.

Misc Construction Polish

  • Elysium Spawn Tubes and other construction-based spawns now show the owner on the redeploy screen.
  • Triggering a Recon Array's "alarm module" functionality now has more visual messaging.
  • If you owned a previous construction module that was replaced in this update, you'll receive the new version of that module if an equivalent exists, or receive a cert refund in the event that it doesn't.

PlanetSide 2 Fortification update is available on PC.

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