Planetside 2 September 8 Hotfix Disables Overseer Speech, Improves Spawn Location of Observer Cameras, and More

July 20 Hotfix
July 20 Hotfix Twitter/@planetside2

Planetside 2's latest patch brings some interesting changes to Outfit Wars, Sudden Death Alerts, and Observer Camera.

Players won’t be able to redeploy Observer Camera in Nexus anymore. Its spawn location has been improved as well. The patch adds one more underbarrel grenade to NS-11C and its variants. Now, it will have three underbarrel grenades, not two.

You can check out the rest of the changes below.

Outfit Wars
  • Fixed many issues related to the tinting options in Outfit Wars.
  • When the warmup ends, it no longer prevents the start of the next alert's fanfare from playing.
  • Fixed an issue with Cobalt's Outfit Wars displaying incorrect leaderboard information.
  • Global ranking should now display the correct numbers next to each Outfit's name.
  • Owning more territory than the opposing faction when they have taken your Warpgate base no longer displays the incorrect victors when the alert ends.
  • Temporarily disabled Overseer speech from Outfit Wars facility capture/defend notifications.
  • You now receive an error message when clicking the Join Match button on an account that is ineligible to participate in the war, eg. when you attempt to participate in multiple wars on the same server...
Observer Camera
  • The new command "/ow observeend" will cease observing an Outfit Wars match.
  • You can no longer "/ow observematch" a match your Outfit is participating in.
Sudden Death Alerts
  • Added a new "Sudden Death" alert type that now triggers when a Meltdown alert becomes a Draw.
  • The first faction to kill 10,000 enemies, or whichever team has the most kills at the end of this 15-minute alert, will lock the continent in their favor.
  • If this alert somehow ends in a tie... another Sudden Death alert will trigger.
  • Victorious factions will win rewards equivalent to the current Meltdown alert losses, and losing factions receive no rewards.
  • Metagame event ids for Census API are as follows: 236, 237, 238, 239, 240 (Indar, Hossin, Amerish, Esamir, and Oshur respectively)
Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
  • NS-11C and variants now have 3 underbarrel grenades, instead of 2.
  • NSO Auraxium weapons now use the correct weapon ribbon icons.
  • Refunded and have hidden the Chimera's incomplete "Power Spike" skill line.

The patch notes are taken from a post on Steam.

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