Planetside 2: Drastic Framerate Slowdowns Now Resolved in Latest Hotfix

July 20 Hotfix
July 20 Hotfix Twitter/@planetside2

Planetside 2 is a massively multiplayer online shooter where you go against other people in fast-paced combat. Experiencing framerate issues and slowdowns is unacceptable, especially if you’re the competitive type.

Well, the latest hotfix for Planetside 2 brings a lot of needed fixes, mainly addressing performance issues and such. One of the highlights of the update is that it resolves the drastic framerate slowdowns caused by particle effects. This is huge because you not only want the game to perform admirably well, but you also want it to look nice.

On top of that, problems that may arise when setting the graphics settings to the medium quality preset are fixed, including the bug that prevents anti-aliasing from taking place, as well as stuttering and flickering.

The Corsair is the very first water vehicle in Planetside 2; some changes were applied in this update. For one, passengers now dismount on top of the ship. Furthermore, Corsair’s Palisade weapon can no longer be used on non-Terran Republic (TR) factions.

The Corsair
The Corsair Twitter/@planetside2

Below are some of the other changes from this patch:

  • Respawning in VR training will now always provide you with a spawn point.
  • Spawn tubes no longer reward Lodestar Prototype Spawn experience.
  • Concussion Mines now properly provide 2 at the max rank for Terran Republic Infiltrators.
  • NSO's Mako sniper rifle no longer appears in the Sniper Rifles directive for all factions.
  • NC MAX's Aegis Shield should no longer remain up on remote clients when it is not active on the wielder's client.
  • Left-arm reloads on MAX units are once again visible/audible on remote clients.
  • Seapost J8 - Delve on Oshur no longer has missing props around the capture point, and the capture point appears in the correct position.
  • Rooted some floating props at K&H Tech on Oshur.
  • Rooted a floating tree at Wakerift Beachhead on Oshur.
  • Added a speculative fix for a long-standing issue causing squad leaders to remain leaders despite being offline for longer periods of time.
  • Added more ambient underwater particle effects to players in first person.
  • Fixed an issue causing render quality settings higher than 1 to cause visual issues.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the Javelin, Corsair, Dervish, Chimera, and Colossus from rendering at their intended ranges.
  • Fixed an issue causing thermal optics not to display correctly.
  • Fixed some handle clipping issues with the Swordfish amphibious rifle.
  • The Corsair is no longer capable of flying through the air while reversing.
  • Corsair now properly unlocks custom loadout slots 3 and 4 when the appropriate battle rank is achieved.
  • Corsair now counts toward "vehicle destruction" directives.

Planetside 2 July 20 Hotfix is available on PC.

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