Planetside 2: Latest Update Features Valentine's Day Events

Planetside 2 February 9 Update
Planetside 2 February 9 Update Steam

The sci-fi shooter Planetside 2 just received an update that features limited-time events in celebration of Valentine’s Day. The patch also brings some improvements to Oshur.

Valentine’s Day Events

There are six Matchmaker missions that you can complete as part of a limited-time event. Finishing them will give you access to Operation: Matchmaker where you will run a matchmaking contest set by FL-34 for a chance to earn some extra cash.

Up to two Matchmaker missions are available on your list every day. Completing them will provide progress to the Valentine’s Day directive tree. Another special event has its own directive that rewards you with the “Lovestruck" title upon completion.

The Valentine’s Day events are available from February 9 to February 14.

New Items

The Seraphim HLX Heavy Crossbow is now available in the Shop. You can buy this for 1,499 Daybreak Cash (DBC). You can also purchase the Lovestruck Bundle for 2,999 DBC, which includes the following:

  • Seraphim HLX
  • Heartless Outfit Decal
  • Dark Chocolate Camo
  • Mosquito Pink Afterburner FX
  • Scythe Pink Afterburner FX
  • Reaver Pink Afterburner FX
  • Dervish Pink Afterburner FX
  • Liberator Pink Afterburner FX
  • Valkyrie Cupid Contrails
  • Liberator Cupid Contrails
  • Galaxy Cupid Contrails
  • Mosquito Cupid Contrails
  • Scythe Cupid Contrails
  • Reaver Cupid Contrails
  • Dervish Cupid Contrails


Oshur is an abandoned archipelago rich in Cortium. That said, the developers have implemented some improvements to this place. For instance, Cortium respawn rate is increased by 50%. The Valkyrie gunship also got better as it now moves faster while submerged. This is due to the large increase in speed from this patch.


  • You can no longer Flail within no-construction areas on Oshur
  • Oshur now has a Conquest Alert that triggers when the continent population is greater than 800
  • Lockon weaponry can no longer target vehicles in water deeper than 20 meters
  • Vehicle gunners can no longer fire while underwater
  • Reavers no longer spin uncontrollably while underwater
  • Galaxy now feels more weighty while submerged, slightly slower overall, and doesn't roll as quickly
  • ANT has received additional speed while floating
  • Added bollards to the bottom floor of all Oshur tower bases to prevent vehicles from being silly
  • Sunderer Gate Shields no longer disappear before 700 meters
  • Added underwater detonation FX for Flash and Concussion grenades
  • Guerilla Warfare mission no longer counts damage against inanimate objects
  • Guerilla Warfare mission now requires 3,000 damage to enemies, instead of needing to inflict damage 30 times
  • Daily missions that required you to acquire a vehicle before making further mission progress have had that step removed
  • There should no longer be a minimum of two continents unlocked at any time
  • Added a UI option to toggle the third person vehicle dot reticle
  • The Structure Shield Module construction item's activated effect now prevents damage from Cortium Bombs, Mauler Cannons, and other forms of damage that bypass armor

Planetside 2 February 9 update is available on PC.

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