Perfect Heist 2: Update 19 Adds Mr. President Mask and Spectator Mode

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The developers of Perfect Heist 2 launched a new patch that brings tons of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Update 19 adds the Mr. President Mask to the game; wearing the mask boosts your money pickup speed by 50%. On top of that, it spawns $2,000 next to you, which you can use to buy weapons and other things to pull off a successful heist.

Another nifty addition in Update 19 is the spectator mode. As the name implies, this feature allows you to spectate all players, cameras, and vehicles, giving you the information you need to plot your next move accordingly.

The Tech’s Drone received some balancing adjustments as well. For instance, the drone cooldown has been increased to a full minute, though the Tech now gains an additional drone for every PC he hacks.

Here are some of the other notable changes in Update 19:

  • Added "ADS Toggle" option
  • Added "Show Wrong Version Servers" option to the server browser, wrong version servers now are hidden by default
  • Added a new door that NPCs can walk through, as long as it is open
  • Added new "Cop Operators" that are basically cop spectators (can only spectate cops, cop vehicles, and cameras)
  • Added "Allow Spectators" server option that shows the spectator teams in the team selection UI if enabled
  • Added clan tag system, choose one of your Steam groups as your clan inside the "Advanced Settings" menu
  • Improved robber AI safe door finding algorithm
  • Chat is now limited to 5 messages per 10 seconds for each player
  • Renamed "roof box" to "CCTV box"
  • Alien mask now prevents making footprints while equipped
  • Selling a skin will no longer still equip it in-game if it was the last selected skin for that weapon
  • Detective now has Carbine + Auto Sniper (before: Auto Sniper + Pistol)
  • Sniper now has Grappling Hook as a secondary weapon (before: Auto Pistol)
  • Snipers supplies now contain a pistol and a grappling hook
  • Backup now sees his dead teammates
  • Respawn screen now goes completely black to prevent cops from gaining info after death
  • Robber start money (Arms Dealer or President mask) is now limited to 5 money bags
  • Sheriff Deputy cop bots now limited to 3 per round
  • Reduced Arms Dealer Robber AI price from $6,000 to $5,000
  • Arms Dealer can now purchase drill bags for $4,000
  • Pickpocket can now steal money carried by FED Agent
  • Fixed servers not allowing more than 16 players
  • Fixed robber AI not being able to pick up bomb bags
  • Fixed multiple issues that resulted in the AI sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed robber AI often not being able to plant bombs at safe doors
  • Fixed dedicated servers not using passwords correctly

You can read the full changelog here.

Perfect Heist 2 is available on PC.

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