Perfect Heist 2: Changes to Certain Masks and Game Mechanics Implemented in Update 18

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A new patch for Perfect Heist 2 is now available. Update 18 brings some new features, as well as changes to certain masks and game mechanics.

If you are playing Perfect Heist 2 with a lower-end GPU, it is now possible to ramp up performance by using the “Disable Custom Lights” setting. What this does is adjust the overall lighting on custom maps to drastically improve performance.

In addition, Update 18 makes notable adjustments to some game mechanics. Fires now produce a lot more smoke than before, especially useful if you’re playing as a Distractor or Mechanic because it allows you to be a bit more sneaky when going around the area.

The Alien Mask and Unicorn Mask received some changes as well. The former now has increased money pickup instead of dealing damage to its user. The latter now gives a +20% increase in speed while carrying bodies.

You can read the full changelog below:

  • Added support for German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian languages
  • Added team colors to the kill feed
  • Chicken mask now makes a chicken sound when being equipped or when jumping with it
  • Mechanic secondary weapon changed from pistol to silenced pistol
  • Pilots' plane now reveals all robber drones
  • Reduced Firefighters ladder size so it fits indoors
  • Added AI reaction time system to the Firefighters' ladder
  • Reworked Firefighters' fire ping so it consistently and permanently pings fires
  • Inventors turret no longer damages NPCs (which resulted in him getting fired)
  • Changed Joker's visual impairment to a simple dark gray screen to reduce epilepsy risks
  • Changed hotjoin team choosing algorithm to be fairer to the cop side
  • Robbers can now uncuff NPCs
  • Sheriff passive changed to "Deputies," now spawns in a Sheriff deputy (easy bot) for each robber killed by the Sheriff
  • Increased vault door open sound range
  • Classes of teammates now get displayed next to their name in the 3d UI
  • Reduced Chicken mask gravity slightly
  • Fixed drone UI missing image
  • Fixed scrap exploit related to drones
  • Fixed profanity check chat lag
  • Kill feed showing older kills when the player disconnected
  • Cowboy hat being visible behind the Agents screen
  • Potential fix for cuffs not working correctly sometimes
  • Fixed bots being able to finish interactions after dying as long as they respawned already when the interaction ended
  • Fixed madman bomb sometimes showing the wrong timer
  • Fixed Joker card sometimes not being interactable
  • Fixed NPCs/players being able to walk while cuffed after getting tasered
  • Fixed multiple masks being visible behind Agents screen

Perfect Heist 2 Update 18 is available on PC.

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