Perfect Heist 2: New Pilot and Hitman Classes Introduced in Update 14

Perfect Heist 2
Perfect Heist 2 Steam

New classes have been introduced in Perfect Heist 2 via the latest patch. Update 14 also added two new masks for robbers.

New Classes

There are two different teams in Perfect Heist 2. The robber team, as the name implies, will rob the bank by using any means necessary. This includes using disguises to infiltrate banks successfully and utilizing drills and bombs to open vaults. The cop team, on the other hand, is assigned to prevent such incidents from happening.

That said, Update 14 introduces two new classes. The first is a new cop class called the Pilot. His special abilities include using a small plane for reconnaissance and being able to upgrade the plane with parts that he finds inside the bank.

New Class: Pilot
New Class: Pilot Steam

The Hitman is the second class introduced in this patch and he will be joining the robbers. He is armed with a silenced pistol and a sticky launcher. One of his abilities reveals the location of a random VIP for the whole team. If no VIP is alive, the Hitman reveals the class and location of a random cop.

New Class: Hitman
New Class: Hitman Steam

New Masks

Update 14 adds two new masks that the robbers can use. The Cupcake Mask allows robbers to pick up the money 50% faster and spawns a donut upon doing so. The donut regenerates HP, which is great if some robbers sustained some damage during the firefight.

The other mask is the Cowboy Hat that enables the robbers to steal the horse ridden by the Sheriff. This can regenerate some ammo reserves while inside the bank too.

Patch Notes

  • Robbers can now poison VIP targets, cops can administer antidotes to prevent them from dying
  • Added chat and server name profanity check system
  • Added "Enable Profanity Checks" settings (default: true)
  • Added "Flight Sim control schema" setting for Pilot's plane
  • Backup now gains extra sprint speed for 10 seconds after calling for backup
  • Backup ability cooldown increased to 20 seconds
  • "VIP" and "Chairman" event notifications are now visible while spectating or driving a vehicle
  • Missing keybindings now automatically get added if they are completely missing (for example when a new keybinding was added)
  • Motion detectors now get triggered by a gold coin flying through them
  • Removed "has silent grappling hook" from Vault Cracker description
  • Increased Vault Crackers wallhack cooldown to 15 seconds
  • Bodyguards shield bubble can now be disabled by Cryptos EMP
  • Fixed robber bots often trying to run to an escape van while carrying a bomb bag, instead of trying to blow up a vault door
  • Fixed robber bots getting stuck near spawn on "New York" while trying to reach money bags dropped on the apartment roof

Perfect Heist 2 Update 14 is available on PC.

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