Overprime: 356,00 Players Join Second CBT; Ulug is Hero with Most Wins

Interesting results of the CBT.
Interesting results of the CBT. Netmarble

The second closed beta test for Overprime is done, and it looks like Netmarble is happy with the results. For the first CBT, there were 57,000 players who joined, while this time, 356,000 players from 162 countries joined.

In terms of demographics, the majority of players still came from Asia, from 64% during the first CBT to 70% in the second CBT. That means the number of players from the other regions went down. The Americas only comprised 9.8% of the second CBT from 19%, a rather large drop. Meanwhile, the total players from Europe dipped to 10.9% from 14% during the first CBT.

Top Heroes

Netmarble shared additional information particularly on the heroes used. The popular heroes in the second CBT were the Assassin “Kayla,” Ranger “Shade” and Caster “Cosmos.”

Not surprising to learn that Kayla is a top pick considering her skills. Faded Light puts her in stealth mode for a certain period and then deals a critical hit when attacking an enemy from behind while in stealth. As a ranged hero, Shade can deal damage while keeping himself at a distance from enemies. Finally, Cosmos can deal a large amount of damage enough to burst down squishy targets.

While those three were indeed the favorites, it was support hero Ulug who had the most wins. This hero was added for the second CBT, and his kit was the reason behind those wins.

New Additions

For the second CBT, Netmarble introduced some changes that included:

  • Game Optimization
    • A wide range of game settings allows more players to enjoy the game.
    • Graphic card users with lower specs can still play.
  • Advanced User Interface
    • Several visual enhancements have been added, including a new mini-map, in-game stores, and items.
  • ​​Improved Tutorial
    • A new guide has been added for new MOBA players to showcase the game's unique mechanics, including Guardian and Dunk System.

Overprime is a 3D TPS MOBA that Netmarble is developing for PC, first announced via a cinematic trailer early this year. In the game, players engage in 5v5 matches and try to eliminate the territories of each other. Learn more about the game here.

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