Overprime Second Closed Beta Test on April 28

Another round of testing.
Another round of testing. Netmarble

Overprime is moving forward with its second closed beta test. While the first closed beta lasted only a weekend, this one is happening for a little longer from April 28 until May 9. For those joining this new round of testing, they can prepare by pre-downloading the game from April 25 to April 28.

For the entire testing period, players worldwide can join the fight in seven server regions: Seoul, Frankfurt, Virginia, Singapore, San Paulo, Hong Kong, and Bahrain. In addition, this upcoming CBT is going to support more than 28 languages.

First Closed Beta

The first closed beta was held back in January for only two days. Back then, the goal was to have stable gameplay. It was later revealed that 57,000 players worldwide joined the CBT with the majority from Asia, America, and Europe. For the two-day CBT, there were 20,000 5v5 matches played along with a total playtime of 525,000 minutes, which is equivalent to about one year of game time. In addition, the first CBT also showed what heroes players preferred to use.

Second Closed Beta

For this upcoming CBT, here are the new updates that players can look forward to:

  • Game Optimization
    • A wide range of game settings allows more players to enjoy Overprime.
    • This includes the ability for graphic card users with lower specs to play.
  • Advanced User Interface
    • Some visual enhancements have been added including a new minimap.
    • There are also in-game stores and items.
  • Improved Tutorial
    • A new guide has been added for new MOBA players to learn more about the unique game mechanics like Guardian and Dunk System.

Partner Creator

The Partner Creator Recruiting Event, which started April 15, remains ongoing. In this one, selected streamers are allowed to stream the CBT experience and get special rewards. This event ends on April 24.

Netmarble is launching Overprime on PC. It makes use of the assets of Paragon, developed by Epic Games back in 2016. Like any MOBA, Overprime has two teams of heroes that fight it out to destroy each other's base. Players can choose from a roster of heroes divided into different classes, which have unique skills. So far, there have been 13 heroes revealed.

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