Overprime: Jack Wall Has Scored Official Soundtrack

Enjoy cool music.
Enjoy cool music. Netmarble

It looks like Netmarble is pulling out all the stops for its upcoming game Overprime. The studio has managed to bring in video game composer Jack Wall to score the soundtrack.

Before we learn more about what Jack brought to the table, you can watch his quick interview in the video below:

Just in case you didn’t have time to watch it, the video gives us a better look at how the original soundtrack of the game was created. Jack revealed in the video that when it came to writing the music, he had to absorb each aspect of the game. That means looking at the story documents, analyzing the concept art, and understanding the gameplay mechanics and level designs, to name a few. It is by having these different components that he was able to come up with the musical themes.

For the soundtrack of Overprime, Jack conducted and recorded the score at the Giuseppe Verdi Hall in Budapest. The reason for this was to have a sound that was both epic and large to enhance the memorable theme overall. Jack himself revealed that he had fun and that the staff at Netmarble were not only respectful but also thoughtful when it came to their feedback.

By now, some of you may be wondering who Jack Wall is. He has been known to create memorable soundtracks for a lot of video game franchises for more than two decades. These include Lost Planet 3, the Myst series, the Mass Effect series, and the Call of Duty series. Jack has also been known to work with world-class orchestras, which cover a wide range of musical styles.

Overprime is a 3D TPS MOBA that Netmarble is developing for PC. It was first announced by way of a cinematic trailer early this year. In the game, players engage in 5v5 matches and try to eliminate the territories of each other.

The game had its first closed beta test, with 57,000 players worldwide reported to have participated. A second closed beta was held in the last week of April and had more than 35,000 players. The game is expected to be released sometime this year.

Learn more about the game here.

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