Out of the Park Baseball 24 Now Available

Let's play ball!
Let's play ball! Com2Us

Out of the Park Baseball 24 or OOTP 24 is finally available for everyone to enjoy. It's the 24th title of this sports strategy franchise and is available for direct download, and on the Epic Games Store and Steam. Priced at $39.99, this latest version features endless scenarios along with comprehensive player access.

One of the things that the franchise is known for is if it happens in real baseball, it happens in the game. In the game, players get to build their very own dynasty by discovering new talents, negotiating with free agents, and drafting the next superstar. There's indeed a lot to do when in OOTP 24.

New game features include:

  • Get deeper into the action with the huge visual improvements.
    • Enjoy new 3D animations along with visual improvements which bring the game to life.
    • A new audience model reacts to the action on the field.
    • Other animations ensure that the game has the smoothest and most visually pleasing version in history.
  • An all-new Dynamic Trade Deadline Day.
    • Feel the pressure of making key trade decisions in the heat of the moment.
    • Do you have what it takes to hold your own and make the trades that bring your team a World Series championship.
  • Dramatically improved International Amateur Free Agency.
    • The world may be your oyster but it takes smarts and guts to get those prized players from across the globe.
  • Trading "hard mode" and the new Trading Reputation.
    • This allows you to experience the Big Leagues like never before.
    • Get to feel what it's like to be a real-world MLB GM.
  • Updated Owner Goals.
    • For the first time ever, you can now push back at the desire of your owner and negotiate with them.
  • Improved AI throughout every aspect of the game.
    • See if you can lock in your superstars through the improved contract negotiations.
    • Running the organization has never been so deep and challenging.
  • All-new on-screen analytics.
    • See the action and power of your decision-making like never before.
  • Upgraded MLB Live Starts and all-new KBO Live Starts.
    • Pick up the 2023 MLB season from any day of the year.
    • Start your MLB or KBO season from any time in 2023, with accurate standings, rosters, injuries, trades, and more.
  • New 2023 MLB rosters and rules.
    • The game features up-to-the-minute 2023 MLB rosters that get updated all season long.
    • Each franchise is represented from the big league club and all the way down to the low minors.

Get Out of the Park Baseball 24 through direct download, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

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