Out of the Park Baseball 23 is Now Available on PC

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Play ball! Out of the Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 23 is now available on PC. This is the latest addition to the sports strategy series, Out of the Park Baseball, and it features the full 2022 roster of players and rules to offer unmatched authenticity. There are also upgrades and 3D visuals to make sure that everyone gets the full experience.

This latest installment welcomes rookies and veterans with more ways to play and even learn how to build the perfect teams. Players can also expect to try out the new tutorial system to quickly learn the ropes and manage teams like a pro.

Here are the key features:

  • Rookies Welcome
    • For the first time ever, the game features an easy-to-follow in-game tutorial system.
    • This makes it the best time for baseball fans to jump in and start managing their favorite MLB team.
  • Visualize the Win
    • The game features a major graphical overhaul, with enhanced 3D player animations to bring everyone’s favorite MLB players from the past and present to life.
    • The updated simulation engine improves the Franchise Mode and Perfect Team experiences with all-new rating balances for historical players.
  • Deeper Customization
    • For an added level of personalization, players can now create alternate uniforms for their favorite teams, with the limitless cap, jersey, and pant design options for specific days of the week and special events.
    • Players can customize their gameplay experience even further with all-new ways to play.
  • More Powerful Stats
    • The game features the new 2022 MLB rules, tactics, playoffs, and strategies.
    • Even deeper mechanics and customization options can be experienced through improved calculations over the season from batter vs. pitcher.
    • There’s also a redesigned catcher framing model and updated scouting abilities.
  • Unmatched Club Management
    • Players can enjoy even deeper club management across all facets of the game allowing players to better assess team revenue management, employ new team batting strategies, enjoy new trade options, and further customize lineups in advance.
  • ​More Ways to Play
    • The game offers different play options to change throughout the season.
    • New support has been added for tie games, regional draft tournaments, double elimination playoff options, customizable round-robin configurations, and tournament-style scheduling for multi-game series.
    • The popular Live Starts feature now includes Full Minors from Low-A all the way through AAA for each organization whenever players Live Start from any day of the entire 2022 season.
  • Upgraded Online Leagues
    • Players can find more ways to interact with the OOTP community online.
    • There is a new “waypoints" system that allows online league Commissioners to mark customized simulation dates.
    • A new “limited power” Commissioner option expands the ability for multiple people to help run online leagues.
  • The Ultimate “Perfect Team”
    • The “Perfect Team” feature has received a massive overhaul.
    • Gameplay and visuals have been improved.
    • When players draft their perfect team, they can experience improved buying and selling functions and visuals in the auction house.
    • Perfect Team tournaments have also been improved with new events and rewards.

Out of the Park Baseball 23 is available at $39.99 and you can get it from the official website, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

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