Out of the Park Baseball 23: New Collab Introduces Topps-Branded Baseball Cards to Perfect Team Mode

An interesting partnership.
An interesting partnership. Com2Us

A new collaboration is now live in Out of the Park Baseball 23 with Topps BUNT. It integrates Topps-branded baseball cards to the game’s Perfect Team mode. That means players can now access cards to all Major League Baseball teams, which feature the iconic Topps designs. The cards are accessible on the PC version and on the mobile version Out of the Park Baseball Go 23.

In addition, the Topps BUNT app for both Android and iOS will be issuing challenges to allow players to earn Perfect Points.

Here are what players can expect in this new partnership with Topps:

  • New Topps Cards for Every MLB Team
    • Perfect Team enthusiasts get access to 91 Topps-designed cards throughout the season.
  • ​Each MLB team is ultimately going to have three Topps player cards.
    • Two of the cards: one pitcher and one hitter.
    • The third is one Topps reward card.
      • Players can earn these by capturing that team’s player and pitcher.
  • Cross-title Rewards
    • When a Perfect Team player gets their first Topps card, they immediately earn valuable rewards in the Topps BUNT app.
    • Rewards include:
      • 100,000 in-app currency boost.
      • 10 Postseason Packs.
      • Bonus Diamond Pack in Perfect Team.
  • Fun New Missions and Rewards
    • When a Perfect Team player completes all 30 Topps team missions across Leagues, Tournaments and Perfect Drafts, they receive a bonus “topper” Topps card.
  • ​Cards for Various Levels of Play
    • Rookies and veterans can enjoy the game’s Topps baseball cards with Gold, Diamond, and Perfect card varieties available.
  • ​Earn Perfect Points in Topps BUNT App
    • Players get the chance to complete OOTP-themed challenges in the Topps BUNT app to earn upwards of 35,000 Perfect Points to be used in Perfect Team.

In a statement, Com2uS USA Head of Business Development Richard Grisham revealed that the introduction of the Topps cards to the Perfect Team is a dream come true not just for fans but also the development team. He went on to say that when it comes to baseball cards, Topps has been the gold standard and they're excited to feature them in the game. He added that for every sports fan, collecting baseball cards is considered a time honored tradition and they can't wait for players to experience it in the game.

Meanwhile, Topps Digital - Fanatics Collectibles Director of Marketing Gino Ferrazzano shared that the game offered a strategy experience and they wanted to reward both dedicated communities of this partnership. The Topps Bunt app, he added, has long been a place where baseball fans can collect their digital collectibles and with this integration, they're able to cross a new barrier.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this partnership?

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