Open Beta for Tales of Dragon is Here

Get ready for a new adventure. X-Legend Entertainment

The open beta for Tales of Dragon is finally here. Those who want to try the game can just download it via Google Play and App Store. In addition to playing a new game, they also have a chance to get incredible rewards.

A login event only needs you to log in and play, offering different rewards each day for 14 days. Plus, for the first three days after you create a character, you get 777 daily draw opportunities for a total of 2,331 draws. Learn more about these offers.

Diverse Classes

The game offers you the option to choose between four unique classes:

  • Resilient melee Warrior
  • Enigmatic magical Mage
  • Sacred offensive Priest
  • Long-range high-damage Archer

No matter which one you choose, each has its own unique advantages. While selecting classes is not new, Tales of Dragon allows you to change classes. When you do, any equipment you have is automatically adjusted. This eliminates the need to remake a new character from scratch.

Elemental Resonance

There are also four elemental spirits in this game, representing fire, wind, water, and earth. These give you unique skill enhancements since each elemental spirit corresponds to distinct skill effects like bleeding, critical damage, health, and shield.

In addition, when certain conditions are met, it triggers elemental resonance. This gives extra attribute bonuses that can result in a higher combo skill damage.

New Technology

The game offers captivating dynamic modules complemented by top-notch surround sound effects, as well as impressive visual techniques. These let the game deliver that perfect rendition of the adventure story, so you can have that exciting gaming experience.

Thrilling Strikes

You can also look forward to a rich combat system featuring guild battles, intense PvP matchups, and the chance to team up with friends and take on different formidable bosses scattered across the game world. You can also try to do wilderness exploration, competitive tournaments, and cross-server boss battles.

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