Closed Beta for The Division Heartland Starts Next Week

Time to try the game for yourself. Ubisoft

The closed beta for The Division Heartland is set to start on June 27, giving the players the chance to see what the game offers before it's officially launched. Learn more about the mysteries of Silver Creek and fight against other players and NPC enemies. However, not everyone can try this work-in-progress version since it's only available in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

While the goal of this upcoming closed beta is to get feedback from the community, players who are able to join have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and avoid sharing any thoughts they may have about the game with the public.

The Division Heartland is a free-to-play, PvEvP focused, survival-action shooter game that features:

  • Save America's Heartland.
    • Uncover the mystery in Silver Creek before a new breed of poison spreads everywhere.
    • Follow the expanding story to discover why this once peaceful town is now the center of a violent conflict between a group of dangerous rogue Division agents and an aggressive band of nomadic survivors.
    • Just remember that the AI factions and other player squads aren't the only danger present.
  • Explore by Day. Survive the Night.
    • In a single-play session, experience the challenge and exploration of daytime, and the thrill and intensity of nightfall.
    • During the day, players can explore and complete critical objectives, scavenge for materials and supplies, and face off against dangerous enemies.
    • When day turns to night the stakes heighten and new enemies appear. Avoid the increasingly volatile contamination, fight your way through rogue NPCs, and take on newly hostile players.
  • Extract or Die.
    • Each time you venture out into Silver Creek you not only risk your arsenal but also your supplies.
    • Keep moving to survive enemy conflict, dehydration, and the lethal contamination that's overtaken the town.
    • Take on different goals while building up your armory at your Base of Operations (BOO).
    • Each successful operation allows you to complete more missions, and unlock unique abilities, new map areas, and crucial functions at your base.
  • Squad up with Cross-play and Cross-progression.
    • Go into Silver Creek alone or with a squad through cross-play and cross-progression on all platforms.
    • Customize your agents' skills, outfits, and go bag.
    • Unlock story elements and level up through multiple upgrade paths.
    • Over time, the game is going to expand to introduce new gameplay, agents, stories, challenges, and areas of the map to explore.
  • Survive the Dynamic Contamination.
    • The virus moves differently, unpredictably, almost with a mind of its own.
    • Though extremely dangerous, you can use the contamination to your advantage.
    • Risk vital seconds inside the cloud for the chance to grab precious loot gear and items left behind by other players.
      • Just be sure you have ample filters to survive.
      • If the virus sickness sets in, return to base before it kills you.

The Division Heartland is launching on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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