Noble Fates Lets You Manage an Inn with its First Major Update

Time to chill.
Time to chill. Twitter/@noblefates

The first major update for Noble Fates is now available. It allows players to manage inns, build taverns, and make wine. Looks like it's all about offering that rustic hospitality.

Features of the update are:

  • Manage an Inn
    • Learn what hospitality is all about by offering beds, rooms, or entire buildings for rent.
    • Be sure to meet customer expectations and satisfy the needs of delegates to build inter-kingdom relations or shortcut the recruiting process to grow the kingdom.
  • Five-Star Accommodations
    • Address a lodging need that scales with Nobles’ Prestige.
    • A straw bed may be good enough for an unskilled recruit but Nobles will prefer an appointed home of their own to be satisfied.
  • Build a Tavern
    • Design a home-away-from-home that has comforting fireplaces and then sell food and drinks to generate additional income.
    • Tap into new decoration items like a modular table to build a gathering place the kingdom can be proud of.
  • Grow Grapes, Craft Wine
    • Cultivate and harvest grapes, craft and sell wine.
    • Use the Winery to transform them into a quick fix for comfort. Don't overdo it since the constituents might imbibe too much and pass out drunk.
  • ​Food and Drink Management
    • Don't forget to master the new Food and Drink Management tool to reserve the fine meals for nobles and leave the scraps for the serfs.

The game takes place in a land where mortals are fighting for control over a physical plane of existence. A collection of gods is overseeing this plane and are not afraid to lend their powers to those that they see fit in pursuit of balance. Those in other planes are also reaching their hands in with the intent to cause chaos. Players take on the role of Kontra, a demigod who has the power to influence and control mortals. While a novice, players are tasked with building a kingdom worthy of lasting recognition.

Noble Fates is available on PC and is currently on Early Access on Steam. It’s available at $19.99, a 20% discount. Features of the Early Access are:

  • Dozens of hours of unlocks and experiences.
  • Command from the Sky or Control your Ruler in the third person.
  • Full onboarding experience.
  • Desertion starting scenario and storyline.
  • Repeatable end game challenge.
  • Rudimentary, but Deep Mod support.
  • A deep set of planned updates that bring new twists to the story.

Learn more about the game here.

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