Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams: February 7 Update Features Fully Customizable Keybindings and Multi-piece Selection Changes

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams
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A new update for Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams is now available. Some features introduced in this patch include fully customizable keybindings to most actions and improvements to multi-piece selection, among others.

Most games nowadays are fast-paced. If you lead a busy life, the last thing that you want to do is subject yourself to more stress.

If you want to have a relaxing time and enjoy a game at your own pace, you need to try Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams. This title offers plenty of puzzles that you can solve. You can also decorate your surroundings a la Sims, so you can tailor the environment to best suit your needs.

New Features

Anyway, the game’s latest update brings a lot of new quality-of-life features. First, you can now add primary and secondary keybindings for all game and camera controls.

The Multi-piece selection has received an overhaul as well. You can press Shift-click if you want to add single pieces or drag out a selection box to highlight multiple pieces at once. Conversely, you can press Alt-click if you want to remove a single puzzle piece or more in one go.

The developers have also implemented some file size optimizations. Now, you only have to download the base game and the specific DLC you want to install.

In addition, Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams has a built-in music player that you can use while you’re solving puzzles. The latest patch brought some enhancements to this feature. You can now skip to a particular track by clicking that song in the playlist. Furthermore, the playlist will automatically scroll to the track currently playing.


  • Pieces now move out of the way for newly connected pieces
  • Pieces now move out of the way when dropping larger connected groups of pieces on them
  • Collision optimizations made that result in significant performance increase when moving pieces across other pieces
  • A Preview Image button has been added that will guide you to where the preview image is for the play space you've selected. This hint will go away once you interact with the preview image
  • A new shortcut key was added that will move the preview image to your current Play Space (Ctrl+P by default)
  • "Warp to Table" now works correctly for all new starting Play Spaces
  • Updated Puzzle Complete UI
  • Changed camera zoom speed to be dynamic based on distance from surfaces
  • Increased camera panning speed
  • Fixed issue with pieces inside radiator not getting moved back to play area with "Move Pieces to Table" menu option
  • Fixed menu error causing Saved Puzzles buttons to be incorrectly toggled on
  • Puzzles hung on the wall are now autosaved along with any other room customizations
  • Menu scroll moves back to the top when selecting different puzzle collections

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams February 7 Update is available on PC.

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