World of Tanks Wants You to Join the First Common Test of Update 1.16

Check out what's coming to the game.
Check out what's coming to the game. Wargaming

Attention Commanders! The first Common Test of Update 1.16 for World of Tanks has arrived. Those who join get to test the different improvements done on some of the maps. Meanwhile, the Assault mode has been added to the Redshire and Steppes maps.

That's not all. During this Common Test, the third season of Ranked Battles 2021–2022 is going to be available in a test format. There's a short progression system that, when completed, allows testers to try the Improved Reward screen when selecting pieces of improved equipment as part of the Annual Reward.

Map Balance Improvements

Three Random Battle maps have been improved to address minor issues discovered. These include:

  • Siegfried Line
    • A position with a bunker for the lower team was added. This should allow players to control the field and the passage in the town as they would from the position of the upper team.
    • ​The entrance to the town was improved for the lower team. It was also done for the attackers in Assault Battles.
    • ​Driving through the ruins is now smoother and more comfortable.
    • The position for defense in the town for the lower team was improved.
    • Several trees have been removed. In the past, these allowed opponents to fire at the lower team without being spotted.
    • ​The location of the spawn points in Assault Battles has been changed. This allows the attacking team to better control most of the map.
  • ​Erlenberg
    • Part of the building below was removed to increase communication between the sides.
    • One of the house models was replaced to minimize long-range firing at those crossing the river.
    • Balancing changes were made to make the gameplay more comfortable in several positions.
  • Ghost Town
    • In Assault Battles, the location of the base to be captured was changed.
    • The ground surface was leveled under the unfinished building. This change is also relevant for Assault Battles.

In case we forgot to mention, only players who registered before January 24 can participate in the test. Read more about this Common Test here.

World of Tanks is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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