Sorry but NFT Won't Be Allowed in Minecraft

Good news for all players.
Good news for all players. Mojang

Several games nowadays support NFTs and blockchain technology; some even integrated these features into the gameplay. If you're a Minecraft player, you don't have to fear these becoming a part of the gameplay.

Developer Mojang Studios revealed that blockchain won't be integrated into the game's client and server applications, and no NFTs will be created associated with any in-game content. According to Mojang, this is to make sure that "players have a safe and inclusive experience."

The Recent Craze

An NFT is a unique and non-editable digital token of a blockchain usually bought using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. NFTs are generally associated with any form of digital assets like MPEG or GIF; the most common ones are digital art like JPEG. Buying an NFT gives an individual a token that states ownership of the original digital file. The problem is that because it is a digital file, it can be moved, deleted, and of course, copied.NFTs and blockchain are also speculative due to volatile prices.

Not Allowed

Exclusion is likely a reason why Mojang didn't agree with NFT or blockchain for Minecraft. Mojang shared that there are companies that have already released NFT implementations associated with world files and skin packs of Minecraft . The studio is also wary of how NFTs and blockchain could be used to make Minecraft collectible NFTs and let players earn these through activities performed in or out of the server.

Mojang added that it's also highly likely that the speculative pricing, along with the investment mentality around NFTs, could take away the focus from playing games, where players would now look for profits.

Another concern is some third-party NFTs may not be as reliable and could cost players. There are also third-party NFT implementations completely dependent on blockchain technology and may need an asset manager who could disappear anytime without notice. Mojang also cited instances where NFTs were sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices.

There’s no question that this is a good move by Mojang, and it’s going to ensure that Minecraft players continue doing what they love. What about you? What do you think about this decision by Mojang?

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