Minecraft: Bedrock Allay Duplication Now Available in Update 1.19.10

Minecraft: Bedrock
Minecraft: Bedrock Mojang Studios

The cute and lovable creature in Minecraft: Bedrock called the Allay can now clone itself in Update 1.19.10.

For those who don’t know, Allays in Minecraft: Bedrock are flying creatures that can collect nearby items for you. You can find these creatures in the world, typically in the Outpost and Woodland mansion. Once you find one, you can “tame” them by giving any item in your possession.

That said, Update 1.19.10 now allows you to clone the Allays by doing a couple of things. First, you play any music on the Jukebox, and they will start doing a dance animation. Second, you give the Allay an Amethyst Shard while it’s dancing and it will duplicate itself shortly after.

Keep in mind that a duplicated Allay acts like an entirely new one, meaning that you have to tame it before it gets away.

Allays Mojang Studios

Update 1.19.10 also brought bug fixes and improvements. You can read some of the best ones below:

  • The Trader Llama now has its own spawn egg
  • Added the player's cause of death to the death screen
  • Music is now included in the game files on iOS, so players no longer need to download the music pack from the Marketplace
  • Added Bluetooth mouse and keyboard support on iOS
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer when a player left the game while changing dimension
  • Loading a world no longer takes a very long time when having the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle enabled
  • Players are no longer pushed by Doors as they close
  • Items now stack properly in the offhand when inventory is full
  • Equipping items in armor slots through the inventory screen now produces sounds
  • Players can now hear each other equipping items in armor slots
  • Fixed a bug where players could take fall damage when walking around on Scaffolding at certain heights (even when not actually falling)
  • Fixed issues with mobs disappearing after going through Nether portals
  • Fixed a bug causing tamed mobs to disappear when they go through a Nether portal in a multiplayer world
  • Villagers now spawn as Swamp Villagers in Mangrove Swamp
  • Villagers will now flee from Zoglins
  • The Wandering Trader will now drink Milk to clear its Invisibility effect
  • Fixed a bug causing riding passengers to stop riding when reloaded if they were across chunk borders

The full changelog can be found here.

Minecraft: Bedrock is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

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