Minecraft Beta and Preview Update Fixes Spectator Mode Issues and Game Crashes

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Minecraft recently received a new update for its Beta and Preview versions. It made some changes to the experimental Spectator Mode and also brought general bug fixes.

Spectator Mode

The developers are still polishing the Spectator Mode before it arrives in the live build. This update fixed an issue in which players were unable to place blocks where a spectator was hovering. That's quite annoying for someone trying to build something and can't figure out the problem.

Teleporting Fix

Some players faced issues where the game would crash when they return to the Overworld, which is the main world they spawn in from the Nether or The End. This issue is fixed and players can now safely teleport.

Minecraft Beta and Preview -

Features and Bug Fixes
Spectator Mode (Experimental)
  • Players now have their hands back when they are holding a Map when they have one item in offhand and one in main hand. Curious how they held it without hands...
  • Fixed a bug that caused the new Wild Update music to not play in the Wild Update biomes when in Creative mode
  • Twisting Vines and Weeping Vines with no support now pop even when the random ticking speed is set to 0
  • Sculk Catalyst now blooms when a mob with no experience dies next to it
  • Hanging Mangrove Propagules no longer drop a Propagule item when Silk Touched if not at max growth
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots can now be placed sideways
  • Hanging Mangrove Propagule no longer changes color when certain blocks are placed nearby
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when traveling through a nether portal to the overworld
  • The “Toggle Perspective” hint now shows the player's assignment instead of the default assignment
Stability and Performance
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when teleporting and killing an entity in the same tick
  • Entities that die completely now have their data removed from the world file
  • The game no longer crashes when entering Coin Starter Bundle Screen
User Interface
  • Redesigned the toggle switches to make it easier to distinguish between the on and off states
  • Saddled Pig's tooltip changed to "Ride" instead of "Mount" to match other rideable mobs
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Fisherman Villagers from offering to buy Boats at max level

You can read more about the update here.

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