Neverwinter Launches Recruitment Event for PC

Time to make a new character.
Time to make a new character. Perfect World

There has been a lot of new content introduced to Neverwinter over the past months. The newest is the Jewel of the North which brings a new class. With all of these available, now is definitely a good time to jump into the game.

To make things even more exciting, Neverwinter has launched a Recruitment event, which started July 27 and runs through August 26. What’s going to happen is that new characters that log into the game during the event get extra rewards while leveling. This is only available to PC players for now. Console players need to wait for a while to experience this.

For the duration of the event, characters receive a reward box for each level from 1 to 20. The box contains:

  • Level 1 – Stone of Health
  • Level 2 – Small Bag of Holding (12 slots)
  • Level 3 – Trained Grizzly mount (rare quality)
  • Level 4 – 10x Scrolls of Mass Life
  • Level 5 – Free Bank Slot Voucher
  • Level 6 – Barbarian Shaman companion (rare quality)
  • Level 7 – 4x Celestial Coins
  • Level 8 – Greater Elven Silk Bag
  • Level 9 – Greater Stone of Health
  • Level 10 – 100,000 50% Bonus Rough Astral Diamonds booster
  • Level 11 – Retraining Token Pack
  • Level 12 – Free Character Loadout Voucher
  • Level 13 – Runic Bag of Holding (36 slot bag)
  • Level 14 – 25x Scrolls of Mass Life
  • Level 15 – Rank 15 Runestone Choice Pack
  • Level 16 – Rank 15 Enchantment Choice Pack
  • Level 17 – 3 Insignia Choice Packs
  • Level 18 – Rare Mount Collar Choice Pack
  • Level 19 – 10x Chest Reroll Token
  • Level 20 – Dread Ring Signet of Patronage

As if those are not enough, there are Neverember Incentives from the Adventurer Reward boxes that can be used to buy these items:

  • Companion Upgrade Token
  • Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • 100,000 50% Bonus Rough Astral Diamonds booster
  • Neverember Guard epic companion
  • Heavy Worg epic mount
  • Improved Bag of Holding (42 slot bag)
  • Brilliant Diamond
  • Superior Mark of Potency
  • Superior Enchanting Stone
  • Ultimate Mark of Potency
  • Ultimate Enchanting Stone

As mentioned, the Jewel of the North is now live in Neverwinter. This is the 21st module to arrive in the game and brings the Bard class. It also makes a significant change to the leveling system. Read more about it here.

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