Jewel of the North Arrives in Neverwinter and Introduces the Bard Class

Meet the new class.
Meet the new class. Perfect World

The Jewel of the North has finally arrived in the free-to-play action MMORPG Neverwinter. This is the 21st module to be released on the game and it introduces a lot of new content, including the Bard Class. It’s only available on the PC for now since versions for Xbox One and PlayStation are scheduled to be released sometime in August.

In a press statement, Neverwinter Executive Producer Matt Powers shared that with this latest module, they want it easier for players to create a character and go on adventures. A big change that players can look forward to is the leveling experience being streamlined. Powers said that this should make the game aligned better with the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop experience. The new streamlined leveling system changes the max level cap from level 80 to level 20.

New Class

As mentioned, the new module introduces the Bard Class to the game. This class is known for its deadly swordplay and combined with the strong magical ballads, more than guarantee the destruction of its enemies. The Bard Class has two unique Paragon Paths.

The first is the Minstrel, which can support allies through the use of songs. Minstrels also function as healers and can use their music to create illusions and deal psychic attacks. The second is the Songblade, swashbucklers that can take down enemies using swordplay, magic, and of course, music. This path is excellent for those who want to deal damage up close and mid-range.

New Locations

There are also two new locations introduced. This first is the Adventurer’s Guild located in the Protector’s Enclave. This is a place where adventurers meet, train, and get those hard-earned rewards. New as well, is the Training Room. It’s actually a special demiplane where players can practice and perfect their skills while being able to learn more about combat systems.

New Features

The introduction of the new class is indeed the highlight of the module. But there is also the Adventures feature which gives players a new way to play and track progress. New players should be happy to know that the tutorials have been revamped. This should make it easy to jump into the game.

Neverwinter is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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