Episode 3 The Odious Court for Neverwinter Has Arrived on PC

It's time to end the fight.
It's time to end the fight. Perfect World

It’s finally time to end the fight in Sharandar as Episode 3: The Odious Court comes to Neverwinter. This new episode ends the story of the revamped Sharandar, first introduced as part of the Fury of the Feywild back in 2013. The final episode also introduces new areas for players to explore along with new heroic bounties and an epic battle.

The Odious Court is now available on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, and Arc Games. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players need to wait until July 6.

What Came Before

The adventure to the new Sharandar started with the Iron Tooth. Here, players had to take out Granny Necksnapper, also known as Annis Hag. After the Ruins of Malabog, players traveled to the Mended Grove in the Soul Keeper episode. This time, it was against the Night Hag Mathilda Soulstealer.

New Episode

Episode 3 takes players to the Dark Fey Mire to look into the swamp tainted with the dark magic of the Green Hag Velma the Bonegrinder. That’s not all since frog-like humanoids known as Grungs have moved into the area and claimed it for their own. Then, there’s also the copse of aggressive dryads that moved in after being pushed out from the mended grove. To finally remove the darkness surrounding Sharandar, adventurers must restore safety back to the mystical land and ultimately discover the role played by Odious Court in all of this.

For this new campaign, players get to take on new bounties and face challenging heroic encounters. They need to take on the servants of the Bonegrinder spread across Dark Fey Mire. To remove the evil once and for all, players have to enter the lair of the Green Hag for the final battle. While it sounds easy, the actual fight is one against three hags. That means a battle for survival versus the Annis Hag, Night Hag, and Green Hag.

Neverwinter is a free-to-play action MMORPG that offers epic dungeons and fast-paced combat. It’s available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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