Neverwinter: New Zone Dragonbone Vale; Refinement and Enchantment Changes

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A new update for Neverwinter has been deployed. Patch 135.20211219a.6 introduces a new adventure zone and some changes to refinement and enchantment, among others.

New Adventure Zone

Dragonbone Vale
Dragonbone Vale Cryptic Studios

The Dragonbone Vale, situated deep in the Sword Mountains, is the newest adventure zone in the game. Armed with enchanted grappling hooks, you and the “Shield of the North” can fling even to the highest areas.

There are so many things to do here, but don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to stop the Cult of the Dragon’s foreboding ritual before it's too late.

You can learn more about this new zone by heading to the game’s official website.

Refinement and Enchantment Changes

Huge changes were made to the game’s refinement and enchantment systems. Thanks to community feedback, some players said that enchantments have not been meaningful enough in terms of stats and item level.

That said, there are no more enchantment slots on your gear. Instead, there is now a page dedicated to enchantments on your character sheet. Here, you can add a wide variety of enchantments.

In addition, this huge change makes it easier to add or remove enchants at no cost.

The enchantment page has the following slots:

  • 4x Offense Enchantments
  • 4x Defense Enchantments
  • 1x Utility Enchantment
  • 1x Bonus Enchantment
  • 1x Combat Enchantment
  • 2x Overload Enchantments
  • On the Companion sheet, you will find a slot for a Companion Enchantment

Patch Highlights

  • Ebon Downs: Fires at Home: A ghost no longer T-poses menacingly
  • Throne of Idris: The story version of this instance no longer has an enemy that can fight the player through a wall
  • Icewind Dale is now properly available at level 20, up from level 19. The Start Campaign button should now properly function
  • Deck of a Few Things Artifact has been adjusted, and now properly reduces enemy damage
    • The tooltip has now been updated to display the correct damage reduction values, which caps at 15% at Mythic Quality
  • The Werewolf companion now properly states that it grants Critical Strike instead of the obsolete Life Steal stat. (The companion properly gave Crit Strike before this tooltip change)
  • Differing ranks of Potions of Dragon Slaying no longer stack.
  • Differing ranks of Scroll of Protection from Dragons no longer stack.
  • Certain gear icons have been updated to properly match the look of the items in-world
  • It should now be less likely for a loadout to become stuck and unable to be switched to. In cases where it still can happen, error messages should now give more information on what may be tweaked to fix the stuck loadout

You can read the full patch notes here.

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