Neverwinter: Patch 131.20211003a.10 Now Live

Neverwinter Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter Patch 131.20211003a.10 is now available on all supported platforms. This is a minor update, but some really nice features are added to the game.

Developers at Cryptic Studios have introduced a new tab in the Appearance Library. This lets you instantly choose equipment from your inventory that you want to convert without closing the Library window.

For those who do not know, the Appearance Library is essentially the game’s version of transmogrification. Here, you can change the look of your character without having to equip the actual armor. In other words, you can equip your best gear and still look cool.

Other useful improvements have also been added. For instance, the icon overlays in your inventory, specifically the “New” and “Recommended,” will now be displayed consistently when items are filtered.

In addition, whenever you are fishing, all buttons appropriate for a situation will prominently light up. This really helps in learning mechanics for newbies.

Patch Highlights


  • The Artisan’s Apprentice title is no longer immediately granted to anyone who logs in
  • (PS4): D’mond Ichor no longer incorrectly doubles as the Twig Blight mascot
Leveling Flow
  • Sealing the Crypts: The interactive object in this map now properly completes the quest objective
  • The quest objective to open Shimmering Lockboxes no longer has a chance to break using the “buy keys and open box” flow
  • A reference to a level higher than 20 has been removed from the in-game mail, A Matter of Dragons
  • More typos have been addressed


Challenge Queues
  • Consumable effects are now dispelled when entering a Challenge Queue dungeon that has a No Consumables effect active


Leveling Adventures
  • Valindra in the quest, The Loose Thread, has had her health and damage reduced. As well, the Shadowfell phases have been shortened
Queued Content
  • Tiamat: The range of Tiamat’s deadly aura is now more accurately depicted by its warning area

ITEMS and ECONOMY (Professions)

  • The Explorer's Guild no longer sells deprecated Explorer's charts
  • The quest "A Reel Catastrophe" should no longer be accessible


Appearance Library
  • A tab has been added to the Appearance Library window to allow picking and converting items from the inventory to appearances, so players should no longer have to close the Appearance Library to convert more items
  • Icon overlays, like New and Recommended, now consistently display while the inventory is being filtered
  • The “confirm” text now properly shows when discarding an item

Neverwinter Patch 131.20211003a.10 is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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