The Last Milestone for Neverwinter’s Echoes of Prophecy is Here

The end is almost here.
The end is almost here. Arc Games

Neverwinter ’s Echoes of Prophecy campaign is almost at the end with the release of its third and last milestone. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the epic conclusion arrives through “Of Dragons and Influence.”

In this one, adventurers finally unravel the mystery surrounding the return of the Cult of the Dragon and expose the dark acts the Cult has committed so far. Adventures need to band together to find where the cultists are and stop the ritual that could signal the end of Faerûn.

Aside from learning more about the story, players now have the chance to get limited-time rewards like the Legendary Mount Choice Pack, which has a selection of Account-reclaimable Legendary mounts.

Those who have the Premium Pass can earn extra rewards like the Barded Neverwintan Lion. When summoned, this creature lets out a roar that can knock down enemies and has these abilities:

  • Active Combat Power
    • Neverwinter Armament also bolsters the player’s Strength, Intelligence, and Charisma and increases maximum HP.
  • Passive Equip Power
    • Neverwinter’s Pride grants players a mix of Combined Ratings, Critical Severity, and Forte Ratings.

The final milestone ends on January 10.

One More Chance

For those who have just joined the game, do not worry since there’s still time to get the rewards from the previous two milestones. All that needs to be done is get the Battle Premium Pass. Available for 2,500 Zen, it unlocks the premium reward track for all three milestones.

The good thing about this pass is it allows those who own it to finish the milestones beyond their end dates. In fact, Premium Pass owners can complete all milestones and get their corresponding rewards until April 30, which is also the day Echoes of Prophecy ends.

Previous Rewards

Just in case you’re one of those interested but not yet sure if the Premium Pass is worth it, here are the top premium rewards of the first two milestones:

  • Milestone 1
    • Jewel of the North Artifact
      • This artifact lunges the player forward and increases the damage enemies take.
  • Milestone 2
    • Corbin the Venerated
      • Corbin the Venerated joins the player in combat against the forces of the cult.
      • He wields a greatsword and charges across the battlefield while blasting enemies with fireballs.
      • With Corbin’s Confidence, he has the chance to increase the player’s Recharge Speed on Encounter use.

Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG that features fast-paced combat and truly epic dungeons. Players get to explore the city of Neverwinter and surrounding lands.

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