Monster Hunter World Guide - The Best Heavy Bowgun Build For Beginners

The big brother of the Light Bowgun packs quite the enormous punch, if you can handle the loss of mobility.
Check out this great starting build for Heavy Bowgun users on the PC version of Monster Hunter World.
Check out this great starting build for Heavy Bowgun users on the PC version of Monster Hunter World. Capcom

We’re back with another Monster Hunter World beginner build guide, where we take your weapons of choice and turn them into absolute monster-killing machines at the beginning of endgame, where the best equipment and weapons lie. For this iteration we’re taking a look at the Heavy Bowgun, an incredibly overpowered ranged weapon that is a bit harder to use for beginners – but the payoffs for trying are more than worth it. If you like having a decent challenge due to a lack of mobility and the demand for precise shots with correct timings on all of your shots, then the Heavy Bowgun is for you. It’s decent in solo, and even more viable in a group, thanks to its incredibly high damage output.

The Heavy Bowgun doesn’t need a lot to get started, although with this build you will have to get used to its overall lack of mobility. Once you settle into the build itself, it’s not that hard anymore, although if you find that you’re having a lot of trouble adjusting, you can replace the Close mod with a Shield; that way, you get more survivability. Padding the empty slots with defensive Jewels until you can slot them with something else also works.

Best Beginner Heavy Bowgun Build

  • Weapon – Destruction’s Fusillade
  • Helm – Nergigante Helm alpha
  • Mail – Rath Soul Mail beta
  • Vambraces – Kaiser Vambraces alpha
  • Coil – Nergigante Coil beta
  • Greaves – Lavasioth Greaves beta
  • Charm – Awakening Charm II

The core of this build comes from the Ammo Up Level 3 skill, which you get from the mail and the charm. This is the most integral to have, as the additional ammo is invaluable in a lot of fights, especially against tougher monsters. Getting Spread Shots is also very useful, as it’s one of the most important skills in a Heavy Bowgun user’s arsenal. The Maximum Might and Weakness Exploit can be fully leveled up later on with additional Jewels. Alternatively, you can also immediately start specializing, which you can do after getting Spread, Release and Tenderizer Jewels. Once you’ve got them, it’s time to work towards a Xeno’jiiva mini-set, which you can check out below.

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Monster Hunter World is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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