Monster Hunter World Guide: The Best Charge Blade Builds For Beginners

While a bit more technical than the other weapons, the Charge Blade deals decent amounts of damage with some protection in between. Plus you look really cool when using it.
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Check out this great starting build for Charge Blade users on the PC version of Monster Hunter World.
Check out this great starting build for Charge Blade users on the PC version of Monster Hunter World. Capcom

Starting out in Monster Hunter World can be a pretty daunting task, even more so when you consider the sheer number of weapons available in the game. While you can always opt for something easy to handle, like the Bow, there are some who appreciate a good challenge with a more technical weapon. For these cases, you might be better off with the Charge Blade, a very decent weapon that has a lot of flair, power, and great defensive options to boot.

For beginners who opt into this powerful weapon, there are many possible builds to choose from. However, if you want the best available on the outset, one that doesn’t require a lot of farming and will easily stomp out behemoths, then check out this great starter build for the Charge Blade in Monster Hunter: World .

  • Weapon – Diablos Tyrannis II
  • Headgear – Dragonking Eyepatch alpha
  • Mail – Damascus Mail beta
  • Vambraces – Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Coil – Damascus Coil beta
  • Greaves – Dodogama Greaves beta
  • Charm – Artillery Charm III

This build offers a lot of branching pathways to take for a beginner with a Charge Blade, and it’s good for dealing a lot of damage in between. With the exception of the Kaiser Vambraces and possibly the Diablos Tyrannis II itself, this build isn’t that hard to farm for. As always, you should already have an Attack Jewel 1 to slot, which is given to you at the end of the main story quests. With everything put together, you get these bonuses:

  • Weakness Exploit +3
  • Focus +3
  • Artillery +3
  • Capacity Boost
  • Attack Boost +1

Most of the Charge Blade’s power comes from phials, so it makes a lot of sense to take skills that complement the phial mechanic like Focus, Artillery, and Capacity Boost. Weakness Exploit is enough for giving some more oomph into your attacks, with the Attack Boost giving a nice supplement to it. From here on out, it’s a great idea to start farming for an Elementless Jewel, which will make your weapon hit like a truck.

You also need to get one more Tenderizer Jewel, which translates to one more point of Weakness Exploit – this allows you to swap out the Kaiser Vambraces for the Uragaan Vambraces beta, which gives the Guard skill. Taking a point into Guard basically gives your blocks more stability. Getting even a single point of it allows you to block almost every attack in the game with minimal amounts of knockback.

Monster Hunter World is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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