Monster Hunter World Guide: The Best Long Sword Build For Beginners

The Long Sword is the perfect weapon for beginners going melee, offering a decent amount of versatility and power into the attacks.
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Check out this great starting build for Long Sword users on the PC version of Monster Hunter World.
Check out this great starting build for Long Sword users on the PC version of Monster Hunter World. Capcom

With so many weapons to choose from in Monster Hunter World, there are some players who like to opt into the safe choices. For ranged users who like to keep their distance, that would be the Bow. If, however, you’re feeling a little braver – plus you want to look incredibly flashy while hunting – then one of the best starting options is the Long Sword, one of the most popular weapons across the entire series.

For the newcomers to the series who choose to start with this incredibly versatile weapon, there are many possible builds to choose from. However, if you want the best available on the outset, one that doesn’t require a lot of farming and will easily stomp out behemoths, then check out this great starter build for the Long Sword in Monster Hunter: World.

  • Weapon – Reaver Calamity OR Nergal Reaver
  • Helm – Nergigante Helm alpha
  • Mail – Rathalos Mail beta
  • Vambraces – Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Coil – Nergigante Coil beta
  • Boots – Death Stench heel beta
  • Charm – Handicraft Charm III

This is probably the best starting point to have for Long Sword users, offering tons of damage through high weapon sharpness, which the weapon benefits the most from. The weapons are interchangeable, with the Nergal Reaver being the easier one to acquire since you’re also farming the Nergigante for the coil and the helm. However, if you can take on the Deviljho with relative ease, it’s worth looking into getting Reaver Calamity instead for the overall better damage. If you can’t, then the Nergal Reaver can still be upgraded straight to Extermination’s Edge, which is pretty strong as well.

Regardless of weapon, the entire build along with the Attack Jewel 1 will give you:

  • Handicraft +5
  • Attack Boost +4
  • Weakness Exploit +3
  • Maximum Might +2

It’s absolutely essential to get Handicraft +5 at any point in your build for Long Sword, as the weapon scales tremendously well with sharpness, especially if you get that precious white sharpness. This build will net you 50 hits of white and 40 hits of blue, which is great damage on its own. Getting Attack Boost to level 4 will also net you 5 percent affinity, so it’s an absolute must that you use the Attack Jewel with this build. Weakness Exploit is self-explanatory, while Maximum Might will further increase your affinity by 20 percent.

If you want to test out some new weapons, check out my starter builds for the Bow and Charge Blade.

Monster Hunter World is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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