‘Marvel’s Avengers Alliance’ PVP Season 30 Finally Nerfs Angrir

angrir avengers alliance
Daimon Hellstrom's Worthy costume in Avengers Alliance Playdom

The latest PVP Season for Marvel’s Avengers Alliance has gone live and with it comes brand new game balances and bug fixes. Agents have been clamoring for a nerf to some of the Worthy for some time now, especially Kurth, but the newest Worthy, Angrir, was the victim of Playdom’s latest patch notes.

While the prize for getting into the Adamantium League is the new Beetle among a new weapon and Agent suit, the big news comes from how the new patch notes affect the meta game of Avengers Alliance.

Angrir has become a staple on PVP Defense teams since it was introduced. Its natural bulk, near-endless healing, and summons that can decimate team strategies immediately made him/it?  of the more annoying heroes in the game.

Here are the balances for Angrir according to Playdom’s latest patch notes.

  • Angrir’s Skittering Soul Siphon no longer drains stamina from Counter-Attacks and Follow-Up Attacks

  • Angrir’s Dominatrix move is now correctly tagged as a Debuff action

  • Angrir’s Dominatrix move has reduced the chance of Possessed being applied to 40 percent. The stamina cost for Angrir’s Mort Douce and Act of Darkness have been increased

  • Angrir’s Act of Darkness now has a 50 percent chance to apply Purged

  • The cooldown for Angrir’s Act of Darkness has been increased to three rounds

  • Angrir’s Lost Darksoul no longer restores Health when attacking

  • Angrir’s Breaker of Souls passive will now restore Health when defeating an enemy

If you want to check out Angrir’s abilities and attacks when he was first introduced, check them out here .

Besides some minor tweaks to stamina use and cooldowns, the biggest nerfs come from Angrir’s Dominatrix and Act of Darkness.

Dominatrix originally had a 70 percent chance to possess the entire team, but that has been reduced to 40 percent. This was not a big deal at first because Possessed was a debuff that didn’t work well when Angrir was introduced. However, Playdom has since fixed it, and Angrir would sometimes have the entire team attack each other and lose a turn.

Act of Darkness and its Purged debuff would deliver major damage to teams and remove class bonuses, even if you were protected by Mystic Shroud or the like. Playdom nerfed this ability by making Purged only apply 50 percent of the time. It’s still a toss-up but it’s definitely better than being hit with it 100 percent of the time.

It’s a little early in the PVP Season to see if defending teams take out Angrir but we want to know what you think. Are you still going to use Angrir on defense or offense? What other balances do you think affects the meta game? Sound off in the comments section below.

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