‘Marvel’s Avengers Alliance’ Season 2 Chapter 10 Is Live: Angrir’s Passives And Attacks Detailed

angrir avengers alliance
Daimon Hellstrom's Worthy costume in Avengers Alliance Playdom

Chapter 10 of Marvel’s Avengers Alliance has gone live and players are rejoicing after the short period of rest after the most recent Spec Ops and PVP Season wrapped up. Now players will have the chance to complete all of the tasks in Chapter 10 to win Daimon Hellstrom’s Worthy alternate costume, Angrir.

Players of Avengers Alliance will need to complete all 36 tasks while also completing all of the Deploys, Heroic Battles and Incursions. Chapter 10 will give Agents enough time to work their way to winning Angrir while the next Spec Op (featuring Cammi) and PVP Season (featuring Hellcat) go live.

Let’s dive into what Angrir can do before you win him, so you can set up your PVP Season defensive team properly. You can also read the official patch notes for Avengers Alliance here.

Angrirpassives avengers alliance
Angrir's passives in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

The newest Worthy has two classes, the first being Daimon’s original Blaster class while the Worthy alt gives the demon the Infiltrator class. It comes with the Worthy passive that makes Angrir immune to Burning, Chilled, Poisoned, Radiation, and Fear.

Breaker of Souls helps Angrir gain Infernal Power when an enemy is defeated. This buff gives Angrir increased damage and reduces the damage taken by 50 percent.

Lost Darksoul allows Angrir to counter fire and magic attacks. This will also restore health to Angrir and can even nullify enemy magic attacks. Once Angrir does this, he will restore his own stamina.

Angrir1 avengers alliance
Angrir's first attack in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Soulbreaker is Angrir’s first attack and applies Soulfire and Doom to one enemy. Of course, Doom removes a large amount of health once it’s removed, and also prevents resurrection effects.

Angrir2 avengers alliance
Angrir's second action in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Cloaked in Lost Souls is a buff that applies to everyone on the team. Like Daimon’s normal costume, this move applies Skittering Soul Siphon, which gives your team a chance to avoid attacks. It also makes every move you make stealthy. The difference is that this buff lets your team counter attacks with Drain Stamina.

Angrir3a avengers alliance
Angrir's third action in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Succubus Dominatrix is Angrir’s third attack and is multi-function attack. The first applies Possessed to the enemy team. The key distinction between Angrir and Daimon is that Angrir doesn’t need debuffs to activate the different functions. All three actions will be available from the beginning of a battle.

Angrir3b avengers alliance
Angrir's third action in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Succubus: Mort Douce is the second part of the third action and applies Bane and Malignant Poison to one enemy.

Angrir3c avengers alliance
Angrir's third action in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Succubus: Act of Darkness applies Purged and Demise to all of the enemy team, which works well with the Doom debuff applied by Angrir’s first attack.

Angrir4 avengers alliance
Angrir's fourth action in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Twisted Flames is a healing buff action that restores health to one ally while also removing and preventing debuffs. This buff also gives the affected ally the ability to counter attacks with burning, scorched and pyrophoric.

And that’s all of Angrir’s passives and attacks. Do you have an ideal setup for Angrir and what character do you want to team him up with? Sound off with your ideas in the comments section below.

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