‘Marvel Avengers Alliance’ Spec Ops 34 Task List: Required Heroes And Everything You Need To Do To Recruit Jane Foster And Blue Marvel

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Jane Foster is available in Avengers Alliance Playdom

The next update for Avengers Alliance has gone live and it is a new Spec Ops that coincides with the Civil War 2 event comic from Marvel (not to be confused with the upcoming Civil War movie).

And like the upcoming Civil War 2 story, there will be two sides for Avengers Alliance players to choose from, the Pro-Predictive and Anti-Predictive side. We won’t give away the story but if you want to get more details on Spec Ops 34, you can check out the Marvel.com story.

What we will talk about are the required heroes to complete the final task of Spec Ops 34 and the task list in general.

First off, the required hero deploys. Agents will need Jessica Jones, Beta Ray Bill and Angela to unlock the epic boss of Spec Ops 34.

As for the Spec Ops 34 task list, you’ll need to first choose a side before entering Mission 1. The way this Spec Ops works is you’ll have six missions on each side you’ll need to complete before getting to the rest of the tasks.

Once you complete one side, you’ll need to do the other until all the tasks are complete. And after you beat all three missions on both sides a fourth mission will appear.

Here’s the task list needed to recruit both Thor (Jane Foster) and Blue Marvel.  

Pro-Predictive Justice - 1 of 6

Use Blue Marvel in Combat

Defeat 4 Iso-Saurs

Defeat Black Panther

Fight 5 PVP Battles

Defeat Iron Man

Collect 2 distress calls

Anti-Predictive Justice - 1 of 6

Use Jane Foster in Combat

Complete 3 Deploys

Defeat Mr. Fantastic

Complete 3 Flight Deck Missions

Defeat Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)

Collect 20 Unstable Iso-8

What is Justice? - 1 of 13

Choose a side and complete Mission 3

Create Vibranium Mystic Amplifier

Use Vibranium Mystic Amplifier

Create Proximate Foreboding Device

Equip Proximate Foreboding Device

Create Distant Foreboding Device

Equip Distant Foreboding Device

Create Cognitive Foreboding Device

Equip Cognitive Foreboding Device

Get 3 Stars of Mastery in Missions 1, 2, 3 and 4

Defeat Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel) and Iron Man

Defeat The High Evolutionary in M4

Defeat Maximus the Mad

Who is Worthy? - 1 of 1

Complete all Spec Op 34 Tasks

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