Marvel Contest of Champions: The Spider-Man (Supreme) Crawls His Way In

Someone's asking for help.
Someone's asking for help. Kabam

A new fighter is preparing to join Marvel Contest of Champions. The arrival of the mystic Spider-Man (Supreme) may indeed be exciting, but he’s here to ask for help because the interdimensional and evil genius Spot is hot on his heels.

Spider-Man (Supreme) arrives on October 6, while Spot makes his presence felt on October 18. To get an idea on who this mystic web crawler is, you can watch the new motion comic below:

Just a Bit Different

While Spider-Man (Supreme) is pretty much the same with other “Spider-Men,” there’s one big difference. The spider that bit Peter Parker came from an ancient artifact, which made Peter’s psyche become bound to the Spider-Verse. To discover more about his powers, he studied under the Ancient One. It was here that he learned how to channel the power he obtained through spells and enchantment.

A “Spotty” Power

Before becoming the villain that he is right now, the Spot was then known as Jonathan Ohnn. He obtained his doctorate from M.I.T. and was working on experimental portal technology. One day, he managed to create a solid black circular portal. However, when the portal suddenly became unstable, he jumped inside and was immediately transported to the Spotted Dimension.

While he managed to crawl back out, his body was then covered with black spots, serving as portals from the other dimension. Jonathan later learned that the spots let him travel instantly through space and later had no second thoughts in starting a criminal enterprise.

Fight Solo Against the Doom

The two new fighters arrive through Update V36.3, which also introduces Incursions Update - Castle Doom.

In this one, players are tasked with proving themselves as none other than Victor von Doom himself. With Ultron and his Drones gone, it's now a battle against Doctor Doom and Iron Man (Infamous). Of course, there's also the legion of Doom Bots waiting.

With this new update, Summoners now have the option to take on incursions solo. There are also more rewards to be earned than before. In addition, Summoners now earn rewards from their top three sectors rather than their top two.

Learn more about the new update here. Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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